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Some of you know that I was basically obsessed with white kreme for decades. That has waned as I now need to watch sugar from a distance. Through the years, I have wanted to know how donuts were filled with cream. Never before had I asked anyone or researched how the fluffy white stuff got inside this blessed pastry. Recently, I stumbled upon an article that spotlighted its magical core. This picture is saved on my computer as a thrill-pic. Why do I post it here? For metaphor’s sake, of course!

We each have our magical core tucked away for us to find. We are magical. However, many don’t remember we are Godsparks that present with both an outer physical appearance, as well as an inner essence. This inner essence speaks of who we are and how we roll or operate in Creation. It is easy to identify your concrete outer reflection of self by observing your thoughts, words, deeds, or actions. The more challenging or, shall we say, entertaining part is to identify you as a soul in this vast space we call Earth School. That filled donut has a personal signature that is you just waiting to be explored and identified. What is your unique flavor?

Before a deeper dive into identifying your true essence, you might want to begin by making a point to observe your mannerisms, daily routine, how you dress, speak, and who is in your circle. This can either highlight what you already know, or it can bring it to your attention. After you have examined self from a concrete point of view, you can put on your spiritual gear and goggles for a dive within. Some questions you could ask yourself include: What are my values? Why do I believe I am here in this lifetime? What moves me? What patterns do I notice about how I operate in relation to a) friends, b) family, c) love, or romantic partnership, d) work, e) community and neighborhood, f) animals, g) faith? These are some of many jumping off points that will offer you the opportunity to clarify who you are as a unique soul.

Meditation might be one avenue to take if you wish to glean information about how you roll – who you are. Journaling, list-making, and taping your spoken thoughts are just some methods for bringing out the wisdom within. Your higher self knows who you are. The third-dimensional self might not. How thin one’s Veil is can determine how aware they are of their true essence. Some have done self-exploration and Know. Others have sought guidance by seers and metaphysical ones for this type of illumination. Still, others have been curious cats and, over time, have realized who they are in relation to others.

Do we need someone to tell us what we’re made of? I believe it’s possible to know our true essence through self-exploration. Some might be blocked and feel they are unable to examine and learn who they are. Others believe it isn’t possible unless another shares their take on how they roll in relation to others. If blocks or scripts hinder the identity reveal, healing may be necessary.

Is there an importance to learning your true essence? Well, as a healer I believe knowing who you are highlights self and brings a sense of joy and clarity that is indescribable. To put a name to who you are and possibly why you are motivated to do and be a certain way is mighty fine and satisfying. It grounds. It refines. It validates. Knowing shines on the memory your soul has. You “bring it down” into this incarnation for wake-up’s sake. What a trip! This is I! I like it. Yes! THIS is who I am.

The idea of one’s true essence can be likened to the reason behind a specific TV show. It was created to stir these feelings – to create this community – to offer that vantage point. Each TV show is created differently, with its own cast of characters. There’s a purpose, yet the essence is the takeaway that is unique unto itself.

I hope this piques your curiosity and you become curious about who you are and how you operate.

No two are alike. There is only you. No other one is like you. You are journeying along with the others, seen and unseen, as part of the Collective. Your frequency signature is yours alone. Exploring, finding, and Knowing you is as magical as you are…

Bless you.

With Love,