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I am a healer and a channel.

It is an honor to assist you on your soul’s journey.

When trying to find some comfort in a difficult situation, I often find myself thinking, ‘What would Joanie do in that moment?’ She is the strength that I draw from in tough times even when she is not around.

~ Alice L.

Joanie is a medical intuitive.  She can read your body and sense things. I spoke with her prior to a procedure and she made me feel totally comfortable. It felt like she was right there during the surgery.

~ Gerry Malkin

When I have concerns about my pets, I turn to Joanie who is an animal intuitive. She hones in on what is going on — emotional, physical, or spiritual — and offers me exactly what I need for them. I have saved myself time, stress, and money getting Joanie’s guidance. The love they show me back is all the proof I need.

~ Heather A.

Here are some common questions I can help you answer:


What is my Divine Purpose
in this lifetime?


Should I remain in my
current job?


Can you channel my departed
loved one or pet?

Are you able to clear my home
of negative energy?

How can I improve my health
and well-being?

What can I do to become
more prosperous?

Why am I stuck and what is preventing me from moving forward?


Can you give me information about meeting my soul mate?


I work with animals, too.

petmasters Approved

I am able to connect with ALL animals, whether they be a pet, feral, wild, found and injured, another’s pet, or one being considered for fostering or adoption. The animal might be one from your past and you wish to know more about him/her. The work CAN be done remotely, without a picture or even a name. I work with animals from the size of a dust mite to an elephant! Issues covered may include: channeling a departed one, health and behavior issues, repetitive patterns, introducing one animal to another, past lives and karma, your respective soul contracts, how you might know this animal from another lifetime(s), training, animal sitting, dog walking, sleeping, adoption, and fostering, and eating. If there is an issue not mentioned here, please contact me through my website and ask whether I cover your topic(s). I am a healer in that, if guided, I can “go in” and send the Highest of Light to the animal if there is work to be done. (This is not Reiki.) I DO NOT address the following: finding lost animals, sharing whether they have cancer, or identifying when or whether they will pass. I hope I can assist you!

DISCLAIMER: My work does not replace consulting your animal’s medical professional. See full Disclaimer below.


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