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When I was a young child, I looked up at the stars.  My parents pointed out the Orion constellation, as well as others so that I might have fun identifying them by nightfall.  Orion’s belt captured my attention as it was easy for me to pick it out of the sky. I felt satisfied and happy locating my favorite constellation.  Thoughts wandered and I began pondering my origins.  Where did I come from?  Where do we all come from?  What holds us together?  There must be something past the blackness and the star pictures…

My religious upbringing included teachings of Adam and Eve, and a God that was separate from me. As a very involved religious member of my faith, I accepted what had been handed down from generation to generation.  Faith was my foundation and guidance.  My schooling included lessons in atoms, DNA, and genealogy.  I conceptualized the Origin of Man based on the interweaving of faith, science, and lore.  There were holes in my position, though; hypocrisy mixed with blind faith just enough to keep my story of Creation and All That Is afloat.  I did not address conceptual conflicts as I considered both religion and science to be sound truths.

As a trained clinical social worker, the observable and reportable led all inquiries and affected treatment plans.  Five years after leaving the field, between 2003 and 2005, I became gifted with healing and channeling abilities.  My perception of who I was and where I came from shifted greatly.  I was forced to challenge my beliefs.  “Unity Consciousness” was embraced and religion was honored and put to rest.  The metaphysical became bedfellows with science.  Channeled messages from other realms were fantastic to me.  Information about other lifetimes (past lives) and other dimensions, as well as unreported historical events and advanced technologies satisfied my curiosity about my place in the cosmos.  Everything made more sense.  The hypocrisy no longer resided in my consciousness.

My foundation was rocked.  I expanded.  I came to believe the following:  There exists a Creator, or Ultimate Intelligence that IS Love.  It wished to know Itself so It exploded Itself into ever expanding parts.  Each Godspark, as I like to call them, is having their respective journey.  The Godspark, or oversoul, splits into infinite parts, as well, and plays throughout Creation.  Everything seen and unseen is part of the Oneness.  The air speck, the tree, the lint ball, the squirrel, the Starship, John Doe –  all Godsparks — are connected and playing in Creation.  There is no separation.  All things affect each other.  A “good” action is felt by all like a ripple.  A “bad” action is experienced by all, as well.

My description of what I have come to believe may be elementary for some and esoteric for others.  It is my truth that has offered me peace.  This greater understanding of who I am and who we are supports the healing and channeling work I do.  I continue to learn as I ask more questions and keep my eyes wide open for signs and messages.

So, I ask you, “Who are you?”  Have you gone inside to explore your origins?  I recommend this exercise.  You might find  yourself rocked by the answers you receive.

I’ll meet you on the playground!

With Love,