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It’s perfect!  We created a healing center and are living in it together.  It’s a me-myself-and-I kinda center with an array of characters, diverse scenery, and zany, twisted plots.  I’m being ambiguous, aren’t I?  How can we be solo on a healing retreat while being surrounded by people, places, and things?  Brilliant, I tell you.  Sheer genius…

The Earth School we inhabit upon incarnating is flush with signs, symbols, metaphors, and messages that assist in guiding us towards a greater understanding of who we are and what we need to address in order to spiritually advance.  Sure, we are here to have fun, but the main purpose is to heal and grow.  Before being born, we meet with members of our soul group, Spirit Guides, and Ascended Masters to discuss what our next screenplay will be.  These meetings are chock full of information about the work we are doing in all other incarnations; we use this information for planning purposes. That is correct:  You are here, there, and everywhere simultaneously.

We place people, places, and things on our timeline before incarnating to help us see aspects of oneself that are healed and unhealed.  A very bubbly, jocular best friend would represent the part of oneself that is joyful, light, and unburdened.  The noisy neighbors would represent the incessant chatter in one’s mind that needs quieting.  The internal aspects of oneself are projected onto the screen with hopes that the soul will recognize itself through situations and through others.

Not all aspects of self are pre-birth planned.  Post-incarnation, we have free will and wing it as we go.  What eventually lies before us is a work in progress.  We might find oneself with a lazy partner.  Dogs might bite us.  Toes keep getting stubbed.  Whether issues for review are pre-birth planned, it is our desire to open our eyes and be aware of all that presents itself for us to review.

“How could this person’s attitude or this situation’s ongoing theme have any relevance to my internal world?”  Life mimics itself for our benefit.  It reflects what our successes and limitations are.  The healing center is open from the day we are born and the screenplay being shown in the center’s theatre is open for review 24/7.

Joys and balance are to be noted.  We have worked very hard to get where we are today.  The work from other lifetimes has a bleed through effect into this lifetime.  Pat yourself on the back for all you have done elsewhere, as well as in this incarnation.

What do you do when you see life mimicking itself for your benefit?  At first, you might feel shock, sadness, disbelief upon realizing that you are wounded to a certain degree.  Honoring you present state and current struggles is paramount.  Feel feelings and release them.  Then, decide how you may address the issue(s) you identified in order to heal and grow.  To laugh at yourself is the ultimate in transcendence.

Not all external issues are related to self.  You might find that someone’s negative karma – their imbalance – is affecting you.  Situations do arise that do not bear significance on your soul’s internal state.  Discern:  Is this I?  Is this you?  This is imperative so as not to misperceive another’s issue as yours.

To consider that our reality is a mirror projection of healed and unhealed parts of self is very freeing.

Life on Earth is enigmatic and enticing.  We actually crave the challenge in this dense reality.  Do not sweat it if you have difficulty decoding what presents itself to you.  The Universe with assist.

Remember to smile.

With Love,