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It’s been several weeks of experiencing a new sociological phenomenon. Folks have coined the phrase “virtue signalling.” I am all for word play, coining of words and phrases, as well as nonverbal language. I studied kinetics in graduate school and get off on metalanguage and posturing. This phenomenon that I am now privy to is quite a stirring one. Before this thang happened when we had to stand apart and cover our visages, we weren’t aware of who carried fear, who followed what political party, who watched the mainstream media, or who was a general conformist.  We didn’t know who was a rebel, who owned or carried a gun, who was mentally ill (unless overtly exhibiting signs), or who had hate within. As a result of this thang coming to our shores, our “private parts” are now revealed. We are bare.  Raw. Hence, virtue signalling was born.

Most folks are following protocols, as this is state regulated. The other option is either to go to jail or not have access to food and other vital services. So, we distance and cover. I do not fear and am strongly convicted that fear draws the immune system to be compromised. If one is already fearful, their immune system is negatively affected even more so. Throw in the Law of Attraction: thought creates form. Our thoughts create our reality. What you believe will manifest if you feel it, say it, think it, and takes steps towards its creation. Therefore, I do not feel I am in a risk category of getting sick.

While out in public, I take off my face covering as SOON as I walk out the door. I have not seen most do this and was initially shocked when I realized I was in the minority. I began sensing that those nearby and approaching me showed “eye disapproval” and, in some cases, moved away from me as I walked towards them. In my mind, I thought, “This cannot be happening. I do not have cooties.” Then, it began happening more and more; I receive looks from folks if I do not wear a mask outside. What is even more disturbing is that I have been abruptly or coldly spoken to when I laugh or crack a joke in a store. How dare you laugh or joke?! For a while, I thought I was imagining this all, but then some friends told me about the virtuous ones who feel “better than” for complying with regulations and state dictates. I comply because I have to, not because I want to. Others carry fear. I do not. Others believe what they have been  told. I question the narrative.

The gift, yes, the gift here is that we can now see who is who. I do not judge who scowls behind their mask. I do not have contempt for the one who wants to stifle my joy. Instead, I thank the Universe for showing me who is who. I asked a very long time ago to have Them show me who is sleeping in my bed. “Please show me the wolf in sheep’s clothing.” I have been blessed for many years of my life. Today is no different.

When one holds themselves superior to another because they believe their paradigm, or belief system is more sound, they are splitting themselves from the Collective. They are incurring karma. In addition, they are cutting themselves from playing in Earth School and learning about another Baskin Robbins flavor. To judge, to level up, to play a “better than/less than” narrative is not an ascension move. We are ascending into a fifth dimensional reality. Those who choose to separate themselves via virtue signalling (eye rolling, eye pierces, scowls, growls, short remarks, loud tirades, and other body gestures of disapproval) do not appear to be moving into this Woodstock/Nirvana/Shangri La/Rivendell.

We are all doing the best we can. We are all different with respect to our conclusions, decisions, and preferences. When we are true to ourselves, we allow others to be true to themselves. This is truly a peaceful warrior pose.

The next time you see someone marching to the beat of a different drummer from yourself, consider that the tune they are listening to is the tune they have chosen to follow, not yours. Your tune is your beautiful one and can be different from theirs.  Bless that. We become virtuous when we do this.

I send you patience, fortitude, and peace.

With Love,