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It seems I have a thing with writing about karma.  The concept fascinates me.  I believe that this Law of the Universe centers around balance and Divine Order.  Some regard karma as a falsity.  They give it no credence. Others do not wish to focus on it or give it energy because they believe it will create negativity and/or take them off their path.

I see the concept of karma as such: What one puts out in terms of thoughts, actions, and words is what they attract to themselves.  So, a good thought, deed, or word bespoken begets good karma. A negative thought, deed, or word bespoken begets negative karma. Does this mean that for every “good” or “bad” thought, deed, or word put out to the Universe one will experience, in kind, a karmic “reward” or “punishment?”  I do not believe so.  I believe there is much more that creates one’s karmic experience.

Energy, intention, belief, and action play roles in one’s karmic “gifting” from the Universe. Let’s look at each concept:

Energy:  We get excited, worked up, involved. We get listless, bored, lackadaisical.  We put out to the Collective Consciousness how strongly we feel about a concept, a person, an institution. If one energizes something sufficiently, the Universe will register it.  A thought, deed, or word that has little energy attached to it might not spring back with positive or negative karma; it might appear as a blip or a fleeting concept thrown into the Collective. However, if one has previously put a lot of high energy into the thought, deed, or word, the slightest blip of energy might just tip the scale and manifest the positive or negative karma for that person.  For example, one is highly and positively charged about something.  They can easily manifest it if it is for their highest good.  Good karma might return to them.  If they have not experienced their manifestation, it might be because it wasn’t for their highest good. Another slight energetic push might just be needed in order to manifest the desire and receive good karma, the positive return.  The same would be true with negative energy.  Strong negativity might beget a negative manifestation if it is for one’s highest good. (A negative outcome is a soul growth life lesson opportunity.)  Negative karma will result as the Universe swings back for that soul’s balance and the Collective’s sake.

Intention:  Does one know that one can utilize intention to create one’s reality? Thought creates form. “Be careful what you wish for” and “Never say never” are two aphorisms we have often heard.  The Law of Attraction is connected with the concept of karma.  If one creates something positive, they will receive positive karma.  It might not happen in this lifetime.  It might not happen the way one thinks it will show itself.  Positive outcomes do not always to come with positive gifts, rewards, payback.  One might be balancing karma from another lifetime or lifetimes, and the positive creation might simply be making amends. The Universe frowns on tit for tat mentality. That is a lower vibration concept. If one expects a reward, they might just hear crickets or even a slap on the wrist. Negative karma might be experienced if one intends negativity towards another person, group, concept, or institution.  What is important here is that the Universe honors and blesses those who play in the Light and display Love in their life’s movie.

Belief:  How one conceptualizes karma can affect how they experience it.  If one does not believe in this concept, it could be because they aren’t spiritually “woke.” This is not to fault another. It is simply so.  The Universe will search for balance despite the person’s unawareness.  Some onlookers exclaim, “They just don’t see it! If they would only stop what they are doing!  The Universe keeps kicking them to wake up!” A person who plays in the dark and scoffs at karma  might get a stronger “potsh” from the Universe.  Oftentimes the naysayer who plays dirty will incur more negativity due to their irreverence. It’s a double whammy.  (ouch)  Honoring the concept of the Collective Consciousness (we are One and interconnected) and considering others in relation to self assists one in maintaining the balance so needed at this auspicious time in Earth’s history.  Good karma is experienced as a “thank you” for remembering that we all experience each other’s thoughts, actions, and words…

Action:  The steps taken to create one’s manifestation determine karma’s advancement towards the soul.  If one sits back, thinks a bit, talks a bit, the level of karma received might not be very strong.  If much action was taken previously and the now staid person trips the cord with one more thin mint (Monty Python reference), karma might be put into action for them. Positive steps incur positive karma. Negative steps incur negative karma.  One mighty act or repeated actions are “tallied” along with energy, intention, and belief. 

Pre-birth planning contributes to karma experienced in a lifetime. If one leaves an incarnation (dies) and returns Home with unforgiveness towards self and/or other, there is Universal imbalance.  In this present reality, we return to balance our karma.  One might plan to do good deeds to make amends. One might exercise similar lower behaviors in order to get it right and change their ways for the better. On the other hand, playing by opposites is another way to afford oneself the opportunity to balance karma: Receiving what one negatively dealt another in a previous lifetime might be planned before incarnating in order to experience the negativity and potentially forgive oneself and other as a way to balance what they had incurred. One can balance karma from this lifetime and previous lifetimes by stating the following with strong intention: “Across time and space, forwards and backwards across all generations, I forgive myself and I forgive everyone and everything.” Your higher self will clear the karma from those lifetimes it is ready to release where karma exists. One might hold onto karma if they continue to blame themselves and/or other; the unforgiveness still serves them.

“Instant karma” is the concept of one experiencing either positive reward or negative punishment soon after one has thought, acted, or spoken.  There is no hard and fast explanation for why one might experience it immediately.  It might be pre-birth planned. It might be the Universe rewarding a person because they need reinforcement and lessons soon afterwards.  It might be the Universe attempting to halt one from continuing in that manner.  Many who are upset wish for others who have played in the dark to experience instant karma. I do not suggest holding this wish because it incurs karma. The Universe sees this as dark and egoic and might push back with negativity towards the one wishing karma on another. Many who have been negatively struck by another in any manner often wish negativity in the form of karma to be experienced at any point in the offender’s lifetime.  Again, this is a recipe for one experiencing their own karma as this idea is negative and of ill-will.  Please remember that the Universe knows who is who, what has transpired, and what is for everyone’s highest good.  Lessons are available for all. The Universe is replete with Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Star Beings, Elementals, Angels, and Consciousnesses of the Highest of Christ Light. (Christed, meaning “enlightened”) We are rewarded by Them for our goodness and put in our places for our negativity.

Wishing positive karma on another is like wishing blessings on another.  I smile when one hopes another is rewarded for their generosity, acts of kindness, and words and teachings of Love. That is a win-win. J

We will enter a reality where recycling back to Earth to resolve karma will be nonexistent.  The time is near. While we await this Shift, forgive yourself and other. Forgiveness, the underrated “F” word, balances karma and heals your soul’s aspect incarnated here and infinitely everywhere.

It’s a movie, I tell y’all!  …a movie that we are making as a Collective!  Consider balance. Consider yourself in relation to other.  I affect you and you affect me.  Love is a winner.  It just IS.

Enjoy your journey, one and all. Love and blessings to you,