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There is so much talk about “what goes around, comes around” that I felt compelled to, again, write about karma.  I did some very cursory research on which major religions embrace this concept and learned that Hinduism and Buddhism include karma in the tenets of their faith.  Christianity and Islam reject this notion.  Judaism does not believe in an afterlife, yet holds that one can turn around their life by doing good deeds. Before I embraced Unity Consciousness – the idea that we are all One – I thought the word was hokey and carried no weight. Successfully programmed. Today, I smile and encourage others to consider that what they put out is noted by the Universe, the Collective of “We.”  I would characterize karma as a Law of the Universe.  If we think about homeostasis, the yin yang, set point – any theory that posits that we look for centeredness and balance, we can better understand the cosmic nature of this energy. What I put out is recognized and felt by myself, as well as you and you and you, infinitely.  Since we are connected as One, there is a ripple effect through time and space where all interconnectedness feels my thought, word, action. If my energy output is of Love (positive in nature), the energy is felt as loving and positive by all. The karmic rule would entail that what I put out will return to me, sort of like a reward.  It is not that one necessarily thinks, says, or does something good in order to receive it in kind. It is just what is registered. Does the person receive immediate positive karma as a payback? No. One might experience a gift anywhere from immediately to after they pass on and return Home.  Some will be offering Love to balance negative thoughts, words, and deeds from other lifetimes. No gifting would be experienced because the putting out of goodness balances the negativity from elsewhere (the present incarnation or other incarnations). Good karma: What you put out that is of Love returns to you as a balancing force of the Universe. Just is…

The boomerang effect, as I like to call it, is where one puts out a lower vibration, fear-based thought, word, or deed and receives a balancing kick back from the Oneness.  Does this resonate with any of you? Have you considered that the Law of Karma takes note of who’s also been “naughty”?  Whether one knowingly acts from fear and thinks, says, or acts negatively, there is a reverb that pulls back in response like a boomerang. To have and to hold this boomerang is a sure bet that when it’s thrown out it will come back. Does one want to even possess the boomerang? I find it a powerful reminder of karma and choosing our thoughts, words, and actions wisely.  We can look at the bow and arrow. For how far back the bow is pulled often determines how hard the karmic debt is felt. Again, one might not experience the after effects immediately. It could occur later or even after one passes.  It is very possible that one is learning by opposites by engaging in lower vibration activity. A soul might have pre-birth planned to think, say, or do something negative out of curiosity or even to be of Service to another. Yes, to be of Service. “How can one be of Service by choosing to think, say, or do something negative for another’s sake?” In a pre-birth planning session, a soul might need to learn a lesson, so they ask a soul to do something fear based in order to have the opportunity to spiritually grow.  I do not believe the soul who performs the deed incurs karma due to the nature of the agreement, yet if they get caught up in their action and do not forgive self or other, they might. This is very involved and my channeling each situation usually clarifies potential outcomes.

I highly suggest considering what one thinks, says, or does. If one crosses themselves or other by offering negativity in any way, and they go to their passing without forgiving themselves and other, they incur karma and must plan a do over in another incarnation. Therefore, forgive self and other with all situations where you hold grief. You may say inside, “I forgive myself. I forgive you.”  If you do this with sincerity, you will balance karma. You might feel chills, a sense of heat, buzzing, lightness, or tingling. These are signs of release. Sip water between when you do the forgiveness work and when you go to sleep to flush negative energies through the physical body.

“Karma never forgets an address” is a brilliant phrase I heard someone say. I have seen it alive and well in my practice with clients and continue to be amazed when folks share stories about what they witnessed.

If you wonder whether karma is a punishing law, I do not believe it is. If we are all Love, the Universe, the Oneness as We, then we stand unified to address negativity via correction.  It is good parenting with limit setting at its best. I would want a good parent to tell me not to put my hand on a hot oven stove-top. It will burn. Without built in fail safes, we would have a free-for-all. With Love, we are reminded with beautifully painted boomerangs and bows carved and adorned with feathers, that there is grace in learning life lessons. Our job is to remember that our Universe is our Mother and Father, as well as our Sisters and Brothers that walk with us each and every day.

The next time you wake up and enter your day, remember that karma is an outgrowth of the most beautiful and exquisite parent, which is the Oneness, you and I.

With Love,