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Driving up to my home, I spied a lone squirrel flanked against a tree. There wasn’t another squirrel soul in sight. Peace appeared to shroud this munching little one. I put the car in park and took my photo op. The visual I captured was very powerful for me, hence this penning.

On such a busy errands day, the squirrel appeared. It was a poster child or mascot for “I’m doing it my way and it’s without you,” “I’m alone and I feel good,” and “Taking time out of my busy day…” With the picturesque backdrop highlighting it, the words seemed to shout at me. All was OK in the world and the lone squirrel was telling me so. It was taking time out for itself. It was taking time out to tell me so.

With the hustle and bustle life offers us, we often jump on this train and motor on. It’s natural…or is it? Were we born into the world with quietude and became fidgety, frenetic, and fiendish? For many of us, I think this to be true. The timing out squirrel reminds us that fidgeting has a time and place and rest and peace and alone time do, too. What’s the rush? What’s the frenzy? Are you creating it? You, too, can stop and sit by a tree. It might take practice if you are used to activity that takes you away from calm, peace, and rest. That’s OK. You can always begin…

I smiled to myself upon seeing nature’s message at my doorstep. There were so many nuggets in one juicy acorn. “I am fine alone.”  “I can rest.”  “I am supported.”  “I am surrounded by loving souls.”

Have you stopped to capture a moment? If you feel compelled, it is probably your higher self and your Guides prodding you to take notice of something. Go with it. Snapshots freeze moments that might be better understood at a later date.

This piece is short and sweet. It’s as short and sweet as the squirrel. I was delighted and wanted to offer you a piece of what I experienced.

Rest. Enjoy. Repeat.

With Love,