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“Everything is unfolding in Divine, Right order,” I repeat to friends and clients.  “All is well.  Watch things unfold.”  What I dish out, I take in for myself.  We all appreciate reassurance that our lives are leading us to something greater, bigger, newer, happier, more peaceful and joyous, as well as satisfying.  The Earth School experience can be dizzying. Sometimes it even feels like we are stuck in a perpetual traffic jam.  Do we ever get out of it? Does the highway filled with jockeying souls ever become a dirt road with butterflies scattered on either side?  I believe our third dimensional reality offers us opportunities to perceive it how we wish.  This blessed traffic jam might not be a jam after all.

Souls incarnate after their respective pre-birth planning sessions.  A multitude of souls cohabitate on Earth.  Our senses pick up a myriad of energies.  We humans go through stages of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual growth.  A lot is occurring with many souls simultaneously.  The elements and the animals join us.  We all intersect. 

Imagine an ant farm or a bee hive.  Much activity abounds.  Each soul has a plan – a determination that propels them to move and rest at will.  On the surface, it appears like mayhem, yet there is more of a dance here than meets the eye.  We know that each soul is aware of their job description. Despite the crowded conditions and the buzz, jobs are successfully completed.  Ant hills and honey are creations of a concerted effort by many tribal associates.  I doubt there were many casualties from the fray.

Today, many moan about intense energies, time speeding up, and concern about whether they are fulfilling their Divine contracts.  Yes, it can feel overwhelming now. Please know that you are being very human by feeling out of sorts, pushed and pulled, low or high (or both) at this time.  You knew before incarnating what your issues were to be explored, what karma needed to be addressed, and what others’ issues were that would affect your incarnation here.  (Not all was known before birth; post-incarnation events do unfold and offer us surprises.)  The jam perception is highlighted when one has not managed their overwhelmment, they do not know or have forgotten that all is Divinely ordered, they are stuck in the past and/or are worried about the future, and they have difficulty accepting what is before them and demand the Universe do this or that to relieve them of their pain.

To be jammed is to be stuck.  To be jammed is to be in fear. Is it possible to be in a jam and feel light and free and unencumbered and excited about what is happening in the Now?  Absolutely!  One can face the most oppressive time and dance with glee that they have entered this moment to grow and shift and be.  I do not claim this is an easy task.  For some, it is daunting. It is, though, the reason why we came here. Yes. Fear is to be faced and dealt with.  We are to face off with overwhelmment and the pressures we encounter here.  I truly believe it is possible to learn and grow and feel Joy during the most challenging of times.

A wonderful outcome from a blessed traffic jam might be just this:  The 1970’s advertisement for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!  I might be dating myself, but it seems apropos.  Two people bump into one another. One has a chocolate bar open for their next bite and the other has a jar of peanut butter open for their next spoonful.  Bodies collide.  “You got your peanut butter on my chocolate!” and the other exclaims, “You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!”  You never know when a masterpiece might be born from a blessed traffic accident.

In Humor and Love,