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I thought I would share with you my take on the Akashic Records – the Holy Library – because I enjoy educating the spiritual traveler.  You might not have heard of this concept before.  Many writings refer to the Akashic Records, yet do not describe what it is; an explanation will help you better comprehend it.

There is a consciousness that is called the Akashic Records.  It is a log, or journal of all that has occurred throughout Creation.  From the Beginning, however you conceptualize it, every wink, breath, sway, thought, and event has been recorded.  I believe there are souls who guard this Library, tend to it, bless it, organize it, permit entry, and so on.  (Blessed are the Gate Keepers of this consciousness.)  What exists outside this domain exists within, as well.  It is like the microfilm room of the movie theatre that keeps track of all the films being shown in the theatre.

Why might the Akashic Records exist?   Possibly to afford us souls the opportunity to reflect on what has occurred, as well as shift what might not serve us anymore.

*When you hear the term “in the Akash,” it means what is found in the Akashic Records.

*When you hear someone say they can “do Akashic Readings,” it means they are able to pull information from a soul’s history.  Some psychics and healers enter the Library, while others simply go into channel and retrieve information without formal entry.

*When you hear a channel say they can find the information in “your Akash,” it means they are retrieving information from your soul’s history of all it has experienced throughout Creation.

Does all information retrieved via channeling come from the Akashic Records?  I believe the answer is “yes.”  Since linear time is an illusion and only occurs in 3D (third density), we understand that all is occurring simultaneously.  All events occurred, are occurring, will occur.  Therefore, one is able to retrieve any information that happened, is happening, will happen.  Please remember that time does not exist when one is in 5D (fifth dimension) or higher dimensions.

I possibly utilize the Akashic Records differently from other psychics and healers.  When I am with a client and I learn they are very stuck, I ask my Divine Guidance whether the person made a very loud statement to the Universe, either in this or another lifetime(s) that rang so loudly that it created an imprint of sorts.  This imprint could be a vow, script, or a “never,” which blocks the soul across all their incarnations, including this lifetime.  If one states with fury, “I will never have children again!” the energy can sit and “bleed through” here and everywhere.  The consequence could be that the person who wishes to have a child is unable to conceive or father a child.  You might have heard the warning: “Never say never” or “Be careful what you wish for.”  If statements are loud enough, they become emblazoned on the soul’s chest like a mark.

I enter the Akashic Records as if I am entering a Holy Library where one does not chew or crack gum.  A formal, swift intention is made as I believe the work is sacred and entrance is to be treated as such.  I do my work here with my client’s higher self.  Guides, angels, Archangels, Star Beings, Elementals, and Ascended Masters might accompany us.  After the work is done to eliminate the stifling energy that connected them to their words, the soul is “freed up” across time and space.

The actual events cannot be changed, for everything in the Akashic Records is to be salvaged.  One cannot destroy energy.  There is no reason to eliminate what occurred.  Instead, the soul has the opportunity to learn from what they stated while the energetic “sting” that connected them to the event is sent back Home to the Light.  The result is a soul who is liberated in both this lifetime and in all respective lifetimes.

Sometimes, clients feel emotions come up when I “go in” to this sacred construct.  Others sit wide-eyed.  Still, others are so weary due to their stuckness that they just want the thorn out of their side.  Whatever the case, energy is free to move about and the client has the opening to move ahead.  Are there guarantees?  Never.  Each soul has free will choice how they proceed after the work is done.  I have assisted on an etheric level with their higher self.  Their 3D-on-this-planet person chooses where to go from here.  I do know there is great opportunity for them now to improve their movie script.

The work is fascinating to me.  The concept of a Holy Library called the Akashic Records where all is being recorded throughout Creation is a mind blow.  How neat to be able to find anything and learn from it!

No library card needed. Just an open heart, open mind, and pure intentions.

Grab a seat.  Enjoy your book.

With Love,