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This piece is uncomfortable to pen.  I am writing it, however, because I feel compelled to share my thoughts about this.  I am going to focus on those who have chosen in this lifetime to be “well-heeled,” rich, wealthy – however you describe being financially abundant. It has been a while now where I have seen patterns among those who come to me for sessions and have great concerns regarding their mental and physical health, career shifts, death of a loved one or pet, and other issues that might be unsettling. The wealthy who experience loss, sudden shifts, expectations not met, and tragedy appear to suffer greatly when money cannot fix the issue at hand.  This is why I wish to write it out so those who can identify with the words might find comfort and healing.

Before we incarnate, we pre-birth plan aspects of our lifetime.  Some aspects include our intelligence, skill set, level of education, career (if we choose to work), and our financial stability, growth, and general monetary status.  All factors are seriously considered as they are parts of the script in our Earth School movie.  These brave souls who wish to be very challenged choose financial wealth.  Why do I describe these souls as brave and why would I state that being wealthy poses a great challenge for a soul?  Many would immediately believe that wealth adds a cushion where stress is not experienced.  Others may conclude that a coward chooses to be wealthy as they will not have to face adversity – their money will take care of everything. As a healer and psychic, I have found the opposite to be true.  The brave soul knows there will be stressors on their timeline that will not be remedied by accumulated wealth and paid professionals  The soul becomes deluded that their financial stability and access to the best medicines, doctors, professionals, and high level authorities and treatments will “save” them if they are in straits. Others will embrace the illusion that being rich equates to having a more favorable life with more favorable overall outcomes.  It is a brilliant pre-birth plan!

It is important to step into the shoes of the privileged soul who has had comfort in terms of schooling, connections with careers, expert practitioners, vacations, and quality foods, clothing, and other minutia.  (This is not to say that all people with wealth have experienced this. I will first pose this scenario and then pose another that is equally challenging.)  It appears to be smooth sailing.  Doors open.  All is well.  Money appears to take care of many things.  Others without money appear at a disadvantage.  The challenge comes when the soul encounters a stressor where the solution cannot be bought, or resolved with money. Whether it be death of a loved one, illness that cannot be easily remedied or is terminal, a child who is unruly or an addict, difficulty finding a soul mate, or any situation where finances cannot solve the problem, this brings on an anxiety that oftentimes is acute and overwhelming.  “How do I cope with this? I did not expect for this to happen!  All was going well!”  Another type of panic can also creep in, which is the fear that something terrible might happen.  With the foreknowledge that money cannot fix certain issues, fear presents as anxiety.  I have witnessed people go into severe depression, and acute anxiety and panic as a result of not getting their way, not having things be seamless, or the fear of what could happen. 

Money, status, and connections with the top experts is not the panacea. The soul must live life on life’s terms. The soul is forced to accept, be in the Now, forgive, and break each moment into manageable parts just like the souls who aren’t as monetarily secure.  This soul growth opportunity is highly charged!  I cannot say this enough:  The well-heeled soul in Earth School gets hit like a ton of bricks in a different way from the soul who has not had money fix their problems.  The latter individual has had to find creative ways to cope, to self-reflect, to concede, and accept their dole.

It is important to address the wealthy who experience hardship from an early age and/or have not been able to avoid discomfort when faced with stressors.  One might pre-birth plan to be physically disabled or mentally challenged and be wealthy.  Another might be the odd sibling out who isn’t favored and the mistreatment keeps them from sailing forward without pain.  There are many examples of this type of incarnation.  The soul who chooses money and limitation is doubly challenging themselves by trying to overcome hardship while wealth is dangled in front of them.  For some, bitterness and contempt ensue. For others, acceptance, balance, and transcendence occur.

I write this piece because I have great respect for those who have come into this lifetime with monetary privilege. There are challenges that are experienced that others misunderstand. How many people have you encountered who feel no compassion and empathy for the rich soul who experiences stress? “When you have walked a mile in my shoes…” I note to them.  Consider putting yourself in others’ shoes. It might be that there is internal suffering awarding the wealthy soul the opportunity to grow in numerous ways. We are all here to advance. We have been rich and poor and sick and well in respective lifetimes.  You were there.  Yes.

If you identify with the words here, know you are a brave soul. You are not alone.  Take time to ask yourself what you can learn from your hardships.  Have you accepted, forgiven, remained present centered?  Is forgiveness a consideration?  What will make you more balanced as an individual and what steps do you need to achieve this goal? 

If you wish to assist the one who is faltering due to stress where money cannot buy them love, happiness, or bring back a departed one, ask them how you can assist.  You can pray for them, ask angels to go to them for support, and talk to their higher selves and offer them guidance.  

I pray that all souls find compassion and feel empathy for those who experience fear.  Thank you for reading this piece.  It felt necessary to get the words out.

Blessings to you.

With Love,