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I am so excited to have learned the term “spiritual bypassing.”  It is a concept I have understood, yet I had not found a caption to put above my thoughts on the subject.  First, let me begin by saying that spiritual bypassing is a very human activity.  If you find in reading this piece that you are sidestepping, give yourself a pat on the back.  Being aware is a huge win!  Let’s begin this, shall we?

We are spirits incarnated in human bodies. Our goal is soul growth. Plain and simple. The Veil of Forgetfulness (or Unknowing) is over us; our plans evade us so following our spiritual Guidance is essential.  The earth is an extremely challenging planet on which to exist.  It is often painful where we would rather numb ourselves or avoid our discomfort than face our fear.  We are socialized to avoid pain, but pain is actually the catalyst for spiritual growth.  We don’t remember this due to that Veil…

Seeing psychics and healers, practicing meditation and yoga, doing metaphysical clearing, and other avenues towards Peace and Enlightenment are available to us like we have never seen before.  These are “feel goods,” for sure.  People swarm to centers, practitioners, events in droves.  What a better way to alleviate discord.  Many souls are walking wounded and are “PTSD-ing.”  Traumas might be hidden from consciousness, rear their head on occasion, or be quite apparent to the one suffering.  The lure to participate in New Age “remedies” is very strong. 

I have had several clients who were in great emotional pain.  They did not wish to address their past and/or present traumas in this lifetime.  Instead, they found me.  As I began working with them, I realized they were not grounded in their earthly experience.  One client slipped from reality as it became too difficult to face their Now.  I stopped working with them and recommended seeing a psychiatrist.  How fortunate it was that they heeded my advisement! Another client used the metaphysical world to hide behind their mental illness. Again, I stopped working with them upon realizing they, too, were mentally ill.  Unable to cope with life, they weren’t ready to embark on the work I offer as a psychic and healer. The client drifted away, unable to consider 3D concrete assistance as a practical remedy for their acute issues. In both cases, these individuals “spiritually bypassed” their 3D work here on this earth plane.  Pain was the driving force that repelled them from therapy.  Upon my realizing another client’s avoidance via spirituality, I recommended, “Please see a therapist to address the issues you need to work on.”  It was said with the utmost respect and Love.  This was met with anger.  They appeared swept away; I concluded it was an indication of the level of pain they are experiencing in this lifetime. 

I recently realized that several people I know “left” 3D and entered 5D to spiritually bypass their respective life issues.  Abuse, depression, and PTSD were driving factors.  Participation in the metaphysical was the destination of choice.  What saddens me is that they are very entwined and support each other’s avoidance of earthly work. Spiritual bypassing feels so good that, once intoxicated by it, it might be difficult to return to reality – the present here and now.  The defensive stance is, “I’m fine right here.  Nothing is wrong.  Are you telling me I’m crazy?  Leave me to my Love and Light!”

As a former therapist, I must make decisions about who I work with and who is in my personal social circle.  There is work to be done here first.  That is why we incarnated here.  Spiritual journeying runs alongside 3D work from the moment we are born.  If we step off and go aloft before we have done our work, we have basically missed the point. Therapy, 12-Step programs, self-help books, support groups, and the like anchor and support those who need to heal.  Each person then gets to use their discernment whether participating in spiritual practices might distract, fracture, suppress, or confuse them.  Free will choices abound!

If you know someone who is spiritually bypassing, realize they are in pain.  Send them Love, angels, and blessings.  A distracted soul is unhappy, needy, and longing for relief.  We can assist those who hide behind these pursuits by pointing out that there is earthly work to be done.  You can lead a horse to water…

If you are identifying as a spiritual bypasser, please consider taking a respite and finding tangible, grounding resources for emotional assistance.  The metaphysical world isn’t going anywhere (wink). 

We’ll keep the Light on for you.

With Love,