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I had this T-shirt made several years ago. It makes me smile. Today, I pen a piece about searching for a mate. Many wish a companion for various reasons. If one finds their self alone, they often make decisions about how to meet someone. I will share about the earthly, as well as the etheric aspects of “soul searching.”

The opportunities to meet another are vast. We choose from singles events that include hiking, speed dating, dances, bar, restaurant, and comedy club outings, and meetups of every sort. Matchmakers weigh in with their expertise. Online dating platforms continue to attract those who wish to begin first online and possibly connect in person at a later time. Being fixed up is yet another method to find connection. These proactive moves may prove fruitful and one does not know until they take steps in any of these directions. Some say, “You have to be in it to win it.” Does this mean that if one does not actively take physical steps to date they will not meet another soul? I do not think so. I believe there’s a recipe for matching up.

The etheric, cosmic, spiritual — however you wish to describe the unseen and Divine aspects of soul searching — might consist of pre-birth planning, karma, being of Service, curiosity, post-incarnation free will choice, and the alignment of the stars. (If I have missed more aspects, please add them to the list in your mind and share them with my higher self.) Our incarnated aspect in this lifetime has other aspects simultaneously incarnated in other realities. Our “oversoul” is aware of everywhere we are playing for soul growth opportunities. We have a true essence that rolls a certain way and we also have themes we are working on. Our essence and the work themes affect love, romance, intimacy, our discernment and judgement. It is paramount to work on being the highest version of ourselves. Why? If our frequency is higher, we attract a likeminded frequency. Likes attract likes. Is this always the case? No. If we are being of Service and/or if this is a karmic contract like teacher-student, our relationships might not feel frequentially balanced. It is Divine, nonetheless.

Loving oneself as a Godspark is key to attracting a higher Love. If there is self-denigration, masochism, addiction, or codependence, the physical reality of another soul coming into our lives might not be as bright as if we had first worked on self. When one believes wholeheartedly that they are of diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, they might not accept anything lower from another. Humility is key and self-Love does not mean better than.

With self-Love in place, is it possible to meet someone outside of the proactive methods previously described? I believe so. Many find themselves bumping into someone randomly or “being in the right place at the right time.” “Soul collision” happens often and I find this is not given as much air time as pay-for-a-service-to-meet-your-match. What are the chances of meeting someone “randomly?” I cannot say, but I do believe that everything is Divinely Ordered and synchronicity trumps coincidence. Whether one is involved proactively or passively, they may meet another if an intention is made for this to occur.

Displaying one’s Beacon of Light or Vacancy Sign is important. How do you do this? You intend that you are ready to meet someone and you turn on a switch that signals to the Collective that you are ready to meet another soul in relationship. Believing you have worth and deserve companionship is also key. Removing fear and doubt is essential. If one is currently in a relationship and wishes to be in another one, it appears of great importance to work on the current situation before beginning a new one. Life lessons are to be had and fleeing before the workthrough does not advance the soul much. If you tend to confound finding a mate, go inside and ask yourself how you bollix this process; this might be a theme you are working on. Distancing or removing self from naysayers, provocateurs, and negative influences might be necessary in order to clear the way for dating, as well.

People put tremendous pressure on finding another soul for Love’s or Like’s sake. Please don’t push the river. Let it flow. Since all is in due time with Divine Orderedness, one can take steps by shining their Light, taking any steps they feel moved to make, and let the rest unfold. Asking for Divine Assistance is wonderful. Inertia and ennui tend to keep energy stagnant, yet folks have met others when they were more molasses than agave nectar.

Is there a better way to date? No. If one uses their intuition and is true to self, they will follow the breadcrumbs more easily. All is as it should.

If disappointment occurs, heal thyself and learn from it, have gratitude and accept what is. Move forward with optimism and enjoy the process! May your encounters be full of delight and may you find yourself with other if this is what you desire.

With Love,