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This blog is not an easy one to pen.  I just sent my son off to college.  For those of you who have experienced this, it makes sense why I write this with hesitation. My heart feels broken, yet it is whole.  My days feel empty, yet they are full. How did life turn around so suddenly, leaving me stunned?

It just took one good-bye – one last glance – and it was done.  All the planning for years.  All the activities, classes, exams… And it amounted to a swift gallop of an unpack, tears, and long ride home.

My poignant conversation with my son days before our college departure included these words, “I know you and I have done this over and over again.  Many lifetimes of good-byes, separations, deaths.  And here we are in this lifetime doing it again. It hurts so much, yet I know it is alright.  We will never be apart.  This separation is an illusion…”

A third dimensional life with a fifth dimensional take on it…. (chuckle)  Coping with the human concept of separation can be daunting at first.  To wrap one’s head around “I am here and you are there” is a bit of a mind bender. It reminds me of the Looney Tunes episode with George: “Which way did he go?” Did I miss something when I was parenting and preparing my son to leave?  I must have not read the fine print about silence, change of role, and free time. The blessing today feels heavy.  I dare not say I regret the years of creating this moment into being.  However, I do sit quietly and pensively consider how I am to be in this new reality.

Separation is an illusion.  It finds us at the moment we incarnate.  The Veil of Forgetfulness (or Unknowing) comes down and we forget we are One – that we have never been separated from Source.  That Veil!  As we awaken, we remember Truth.  Whether we be physically apart in this reality or separated by death, we are always, always connected.  The energetic cords are there across time and space with All That Is.  To remember this is extremely gratifying and healing.  For me, today, I receive solace from this truism that I embrace.

If one feels relief from separation, that is fine and well.  It can bring peace to those who need to be apart from others.  It is important, however, to remember that we are all connected energetically.  If there is unforgiveness, please consider forgiving and blessing the soul who is no longer with you.  If unforgiveness remains, “negative” karma will reach its hand out and you will be asked to somehow reinvent the relationship again in a future incarnation for more life lesson opportunities.

How do we continue after separation?  We do because we’ve done it before.  We continue with our routine.  We reach out for support.  We connect with the “departed one” if possible in the 3D; their higher self receives our thoughts and wishes.  A deceased soul also hears our words and responds in a myriad of ways (watch for signs).  Time heals.  Life happens and offers us new challenges.  Friends and other “happenings” fill up our calendar.  It is all good.

Does the heart mend?  I know this is individual free will choice.  I will heal because this is my nature.  You may ask whether you have healed from a separation.  Kudos to you if you have!  If not, take time to remember you have done this before.  You will ultimately see this soul again, whether it be here or at Home.

Trust that separation makes us stronger if we so choose this.  I will take the high road.  Cry a little, sing some, exercise, chat, work, sleep.  Repeat.

My heart will tell me what to do.

Thank you.