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My river stones are the objects used again for blogging. Just Rocks? was penned when the front steps of my former residence called out to me. Again, I am here using these familiar friends for writing and sharing.

It has been several weeks now since I moved from a home I lived in for almost 23 years. Unsettling, surreal, and, well, necessary are all words to describe this transition. My roots were in the home. A child was brought up there. Sessions, healing circles, workshops, and radio shows done remotely were facilitated for many years. The culminating event was the move. By the time I did it, I was clear about the necessity of moving on. The house was too large and it didn’t serve me anymore. Extricating my energy from it was imperative in order for me to leave. “How did you do that?” you ask? I don’t know. I just did it. It was natural. My belief is I had Divine Assistance and together we pulled myself outta there.

My intention was placed in bringing the consciousness that was my home along with me to my new one. Since then, I feel comfortable and my new surroundings are more familiar than how I thought I would feel shortly after a move. I still spin around in rooms looking for things; rooting and nesting hasn’t taken hold yet…

How does one reconfigure themselves from one pattern, or way of being to another after so much time being one way for so long? It surely is a challenge for many. My ideas as of now are that trust and faith, acceptance and gratitude are the keys to the kingdom. Fear is the block, for sure. Work on any fear you might have regarding getting from point A to point B. Trust that what is happening is Divinely Ordered and for your highest good. Keeping faith supports the trust. Accepting your dole is necessary or you will forever be fighting what is before you. If you are to change up your story, taking on the story versus battling it will get you far. Having gratitude for all you have had and have in the Now are foundations that support your making more miracles in the future. If you embrace what you have had, have, and have excitement about what you will have after getting to the other side, you “win.”

My trial was scary for me. I was afraid. My mind got in the way. How human of me… It was a third-dimensional test and I worked through fear and any pain surrounding my issues. Now, on the other side of the concrete transition to a new space, I see the enormity of what I faced. It surely wasn’t small. I pat myself on the back and smile at the reconfiguring Joanie. Friends and family have validated the mountain I climbed. I appreciate the words of support and the others’ perspectives of what is my story or movie.

When you find yourself in need of reconfiguration, know it is a common Earth School drama that offers much in the way of soul expansion. You have moved and shifted many times. This incarnation’s theme is not new. Call upon your higher self, your Guides, departed ones, and all those with whom you work to assist you in releasing obstacles affecting your transition. Whether you are moving house, changing job or relationship, each shift is similar and different with respect to energetic and concrete shifting.

There is no difference between you and me. We have the ability to discern. We can call upon others, both here and afar for assistance. Trust, faith, acceptance, and gratitude are free for the taking. It’s up to you how you wish it to play out.

My your river stones that adorn your steps continue to provide you succor, friendship, and peace.

With Love,