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I am prepared for more. I am excited for more. I enjoy the feeling of anticipation. Many are revved and feel Joy brewing within. If you sense that something is on the way, you are not alone. It has been said that we are in End Times. It has also been said that we have entered New Earth. We seem to be experiencing something novel on this Earth plane. Is there anything we need to do?

Many prep. They buy and store. They count and repeat to purchase more. This is one way to view what is ahead. Is it practical? Sure! I’ve done a bit of this myself. It’s always good to have supplies in case of an outage. What I would like to illuminate is that fear and dread affect preparation and how perception can be shifted by healing fears within.

Fear and dread are very powerful constructs that are almost contagious. As stimulating as they might feel, they lower one’s vibration. The Law of Attraction has not closed up shop; it is alive and well and responds to our thoughts, words, and deeds. Therefore, be mindful of how far you go with believing negative outcomes and speaking about them. Our mind is our greatest asset and also our greatest liability. How can one prepare for a possible negative event without energizing one that will affect the collective en masse? Ah. Healing oneself comes to mind.

I strongly suggest working on personal fears: write a list and work through each one until they are gone. Yes. It is possible. You will feel lighter and have more flexibility to choose how you create your movie – your storyline in this incarnation. When your personal issues are eliminated, you will surely find that information presented to you can be discerned with greater ease. Doom and gloom might be seen as sensational. Chaotic and turbulent situations might be avoided. There is much to learn when you have healed yourself. This is why you came to this reality…

With a clearer frame of mind and heart, your intuition is enhanced. Your day to day stream of experiences can be better felt and understood. “Is this a shill?” “Who is offering this advice?” “Is this my truth?” “What is the possibility this could transpire?”

When you are sovereign, your world is your oyster. Decisions – choices – are made on a deep level where you feel liberated and authentically and boldly – well…free! Preparation for what is to come begins to look like a sweet balance between third-dimensional practicality and higher-dimensional gaiety.

I hold this close to my heart: I am not forsaken. All is Divinely Ordered. Whatever might transpire is holy and the highest of Christ Light surrounds me. I know the Serenity Prayer and utilize it as a daily practice. Spiritual distancing assists with straddling both the physical and cosmic planes. If and when something goes down the pike that might shake me to my core, I know on an extremely deep level that I came here to experience this for Earth’s sake – for humanity’s sake.

We wanted to experience this. It is our calling. The spiritual wrangling in the ethers and on the ground is playing out before us and off stage. (Team Love wins, by the way.)

Prepare all you want. If you choose fear and dread, it might slippery slope your experience here. If you clear your pantry of expired items, your take on what is transpiring might just tickle you good.

Keep on keepin’ on during these, them, thar Times. May your 2024 be bright and filled with all you want and need.

With Love,