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SO many people are talking to me about how they are less tolerant of others and situations that do not resonate with them.  SO many are discussing how they have bowed out of invitations, dropped out of groups, and ended relationships.  You might be surprised that you now find yourself unable to manage situations, individuals, or groups where previously you had a good repartee and felt harmony and connection.  This does not surprise me. Many channelings over the past several decades foretold these occurrences. As the higher Ascension vibrations inundate our planet, we are forced to face who we are and who we are with.  As we heal, we raise our vibration, or frequency.  Lighter and happier, we then look around at our surroundings and discover that with whom we are associated might not feel right anymore.  “It’s just not a match.” “I can’t believe I was with them.” “Why did I wait so long?” “What was I thinking?”  This surely is a time of healing and with it comes release of what does not serve us.

Healing, release, and separation often go hand in hand.  It is not bad to think that if we heal ourselves we might distance or separate from others. Healing ourselves is paramount to our spiritual growth. That is why we came to Earth School.  A secondary effect of healing might include the realization that we are at a different place that requires reassessment.  Some might judge this as negative and conclude that it’s best to leave things as they are because healing might involve loss.  I see this conversely: Healing lifts a soul, as one is of first and foremost importance.  After one has done their personal work, others are then taken into the mix for consideration.  “The oxygen mask comes on you first before other,” is a very powerful phrase that seems to shake up those who have root chakra tribal loyalty issues.  Many find themselves in codependent situations where focusing on healing self is too threatening because the other might be negatively affected. Issues of tribal loyalty and not upsetting the apple cart are very challenging because they are deep-rooted and take much internal strength to face.

When one has deepened their belief that their soul’s journey is exciting, courageous, powerful, blessed, and of high priority, they become better able to face what does not serve them and move upward and onward.  Ahead and forward.  This is why we are here. “Lopsided caretakers” and ones who give their hearts, their right and left arm to others are challenged and cry with discomfort at this process. Best to find assistance so that you might become more SELF-centered.  No, this is not egocentric; we all are to focus more on self. It is why we journey here.

Healing work comes in many forms.  People do this individually and as a collective. However one chooses to heal, the ultimate goal is to find balance, centeredness, enlightenment, and simply more than before they entered into the process.  Healing can take a short time, go in dribs and drabs, or be a lifetime task, depending on what one is focusing their efforts.  There are no shoulds.  Ultimately, the concept is to feel relief and feel changed for the better. 

Some are not surprised when they find themselves at a higher vibration and surrounded by others who no longer match them.  They knew “it was just a matter of time,” or “could see it coming.”  Many feel uneasy before taking a look at themselves because they have that gnawing feeling that the outcome will result in a shift in their life.  It is the brave, courageous soul who chooses to continue following their gut so that they may heal and grow.

The idea of healing where release might ensue can be so daunting for some that they choose to avoid it altogether. There is no judgement here; all is well. This is one’s choice.  Best to take a look at what keeps one stuck or look at the insecurity one feels being without another or group situation.  I thoroughly encourage all to face what keeps them stuck. As a former therapist, now psychic and healer, I believe that healing dysfunction, ills, hurts is KEY to feeling better. 

You have support.  We are everywhere!  If you believe you are alone, it is a misnomer.  Not only do you have us Ground Crew, but you have etheric beloved guides that come in many forms: Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Star Beings, Elementals, Consciousnesses, Departed Ones, and so many who love us and chat with us from other realms.

So, I urge you to release it and let it go if it is not for your highest good. You will be glad you did.  Reach out if you are so moved. Healings are just a step away.

Love is your name,