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When is the last time you played? Frolicked? Were whimsical? Creative? I feel it’s time to talk about one of the reasons you incarnated here. Earth School is an aspect of Creation. It is a place where souls find themselves in a physical body with a physical reality. Time experienced as past, present, future adds to the excitement. Remembering that we are powerful creator beings that love to play is one of the bucket lists we wish to check off while here. My penning this piece hopefully serves to remind you that you may return to Knowing, if you forgot, that you can let it rip!

I clearly remember getting my hair permed (hair permanent for those not knowing this term) while in college and away from home. Many young women were experimenting and leaving behind their Charlie’s Angels hairdos for the full on opposite look. With time on my hands in between studying, I set my hair date and did the deed. My look shifted 180 degrees. Did I like it? I don’t quite remember that part. What I do remember is that I had no reservations about trying something new, exciting, and different. There were no blocks precluding my aesthetic leap to a new look.

I believe that one can sit with themselves and consider the many ways they wish to play. Projects, travels, creations of any kind can be put down on a list or vision board. Once brainstormed and exhausted of dreams, sit with each fancy and determine whether you feel blocked. If so, do your work to release what stops you from playing. A clear and open path is the goal. If you wonder what this feels like, consider a project you saw first as a twinkle that then manifested as a concrete reality. That project might have had obstacles along the way, but they were overcome. Again, release fear that might appear as doubt.

Do you believe you deserve playfulness here? What holds you back from considering that you are worthy of Joy? You are diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. A piece of Love. Embrace your holiness and Know that your playing in Creation is an aspect of how you express yourself as your wondrous you…

If you need assistance playing and creating, ask for assistance. Many forget that help is on the way and we are all connected as One. If the word is put out that you need helpers, ask. You are not forsaken. What is for your highest good is offered to you. If you do not receive assistance, sometimes you are meant to go solo.

The perm I donned lasted months. The bucket list had a check mark next to “do it different on top.” I don’t recognize myself, yet I know that my Joanie was always whimsical and playful. The hair was just a soul stunt.

When you sit and ask yourself what way or ways you wish to play here, consider enjoying it along the way. PLAY is a four letter word.

Have a great hair day!

With Love,