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Have you ever peered through a window, yet you were not quite sure what you were seeing?  Images were blurry and you could not quite make out the scenery?  Wiping the pane, cleaning your glasses, blinking a few times didn’t shift your perception of what lay before you.

Clarifying what you are seeing or even experiencing is optional. There are many who choose to be happy and fuzzy.  This is numbing, alluring, comforting. To be undecided offers a soul the opportunity to rest.  The camera is turned off in a freeze frame and movement forward is stopped. Clarity of reality can overwhelm.  The soul whose hands are by their sides and has chosen to be in their unknowing is exactly where they are to be.  Nothing is broken.  The “standstill” is a blessing even if there is discord and mayhem.

We oftentimes judge others for not asking questions, taking action, and getting out of a rut.  Is it possible that the one we remark about is protecting themselves from knowing and seeing more?  Souls stop when it becomes much.  “I don’t want to see this.  I choose to remain unclear today.”  We respect those who play in this way.  There is no pushing the river.  It flows…

We might roll in a sped up or flashy manner.  Maybe we are uncomfortable being in the grey area.  To know is to feel power.  To see is to feel relief.  Please do not assume that everyone operates similarly.

“I don’t care that I don’t know today.  At some point I will.  The Universe will show me.” The hands off approach works well for others.  Some summon Teachers and Messengers to show up and answer our questions.  Again, the soul who sits and waits for clarity might just be in harmony with their Now experience.

Sometimes I want to know and other times I don’t.  It depends on my mood and also what the situation is.  What is important is that I do not judge my process.  When someone judges or criticizes me for the way I handle a situation, I feel angry and hurt.  When you have traveled a mile in my shoes…

The unclear situation for one may appear clear for another, and vice versa.  It is best to pull back and realize that perceptions vary from soul to soul. “Oh.  Your situation is very up in the air!  How can you remain calm?” asks one to the other.  “Oh.  I am very clear, thank you,” is their reply.

Peer out the window each day and ask yourself how clear you are.  Then, ask yourself whether you are comfortable with where you are.  Avoid self-judgement and pushing yourself for answers or decisions. Just be.

Wipe, clean, blink when you wish.  The window and the scenery will always be there for you. They do not disappoint.

Happy and free,

…with Love,