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There is so much tumult now.  Many share with me that they are “done” – they have resigned from society and have taken occupancy in their own private bunkers.  Chaos, crisis, confusion.  Hysteria, hate, hijinks.  What is going on?  I believe I know.  Will you consider my position?  I’m not sure, but I will pen my beliefs here.

It has been prophesied that every 26,000 plus years the Earth experiences an epoch.  These grand epic movies include The Great Flood, The Ice Age, Atlantis, Lemuria, The Age of the Dinosaurs.  (I do not claim to be an expert on these epochs; I am sharing what I have learned.)  When Spirit/God/Creator has finished a Chapter in Time, the lights go dark and a new age is born.  I liken this to the record coming to the end and the needle lifting off the LP.  (That is one heckuva Long Player.)

We are at this auspicious time again when a shift is occurring.  Negative energies and forces that co-opted our lives are surfacing and will be revealed.  Lies will be known and there will be a dismantling and reorganization of much of what we now know.  Again, this has been prophesied by many cultures and religions.

People are in pain and are dizzy. Anger, Hatred, and Evil have shown their visages.  The world appears to be upside down.  In order for it to right itself and be in a better, more balanced and loving position, all energies that do not calibrate as Love will surface and be set free.  Darkness must show itself so that Light may reign supreme.

Does this give you peace of mind?  For some of you, it will.  For others, these statements will sound outlandish and farfetched.  Souls have the freedom to discern what feels right and to embrace their respective truths.  My truth was aforementioned.  You may take it, leave it, or shelve it.  All is well.

Many fear the worst.  They believe the Earth has spun itself silly and it is doomed.  If this position is held, the souls who hold this image may experience a very rocky reality.  Since our thoughts create our reality, I suggest optimism and the glass-is-half-full approach.

I disconnected TV about a year ago.  I do not listen to the news on the radio, nor do I read the newspaper.  I choose to follow alternative media where there is extensive information available about what is happening around our wonderful planet.  I recommend watching Jordan Sather on YouTube.  His channel is called Destroying the Illusion 2.0.  If you would like more YouTube channel recommendations, please contact me.  James Gilliland ( and David Wilcock ( are esteemed researchers and messengers, as well.

If you have withdrawn from the fray, please make sure you  consider these ten things:

  1. Drinking plenty of water
  2. Exercising
  3. Resting
  4. Getting enough sleep
  5. Eating wisely and cleanly
  6. Addressing personal issues that necessitate resolution and addictions that require elimination
  7. Distancing or removing yourself from people or situations that lower your energy and compromise your integrity
  8. Praying, meditating, wishing, envisioning Love and Peace on Earth
  9. Sharing your awareness with others
  10. Remembering that All is One

Peace of mind is only a perception away.

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With LUV,