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Take a good look at the picture that corresponds with this piece. It is a very old door — weathered and shut. Signs of aging are apparent. Might you relate to this in any way? Could it be that the image before you speaks of who you are or what you have not faced for a while now? If you responded in the affirmative, here are some words of assistance for you. No pliers, screwdrivers, or crowbars needed.

A door is a wonderful metaphor. We gain entry into ourselves, as well as others via a doorway. With a simple turn of the knob or push, we gain insight and are afforded opportunities that would not have been available had we not taken that step forward. A figurative door can be opened and closed at any time, as we have control over its operation. Whether we choose to look at it, turn a handle, and walk through is our prerogative. No one does it for us.

Are we the door? Have we permitted others to enter us — to know us and examine what we have to offer? Did we permit too many entry due to difficulty discerning when to say “no” to those wishing to enter our chamber? We are solid, yet some forgot their makeup. With weakness, hinges swung easily and permitted many to cross the threshold. Others shut their door and hinges rusted to where no one could enter for a cuppa tea and a get-to-know-you evening.

Our door is a gift. It is a go-between the known and unknown. It is an entryway to know others and for others to know us. Our door allows us to grow as spiritual beings via that valuable hinge that can swing open with our intention to want to grow.

How does a door weather? It is misunderstood, feared, abused, unappreciated. I highly suggest considering this piece as a reminder of what might have been forgotten somewhere along the way during this incarnation.

Take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror. What type of door are you? Do you need sanding, varnish, paint? Do you need to be rehung? How are your hinges? Can you open and close without too much noise and effort? Whatever you need to refresh your constitution can be noted and addressed. If you are blocked in any way with respect to your upgrade, might you need assistance from others? Help is always there; we are not forsaken.

Are you shut so tight that no one can get in? Have you shut yourself out? Are you unaware what lies beyond because of avoidance or ennui? I suggest having a care in the world. (smile) You are still here, therefore, it means there’s more work to do. Facing fear and discomfort might be what is necessary to pry yourself open. I support you.

The knowledge and the people that reside on the other side are waiting for you. Truly, they are. When you are ready to greet them, they will offer you more than what you presently contain within your life. Do you want to enliven yourself and learn about why you are here and who and what is next to enter your movie? Might you be of Service to others yet you remain hidden from them due to reluctance to open and walk through the threshold? Could it just be that by opening yourself, you will shift and unblock and fill yourself with ideas and be blessed with new opportunities? All lies beyond the door…

You are lovely. Your grain and texture are unique and admirable. If you aren’t ready to smooth out rough edges, brighten the grain, and rehang you, sit your tools on the floor for another day. Maybe a window will open and you will be ready then.

With Love,