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When you stumble upon something that looks different, it can be construed as
wrong, or abnormal. We often conclude that something or someone is “supposed
to” be a certain way. Of course! We are trained this way. Measurements are
done in the mind. What we perceive as normal is a daily exercise. How do we
really know what is normal? This piece is about how you come to conclusions
and whether you might consider that everything is normal.

When we grow up, we are met with a deluge of stimuli – responses from
caregivers, teachers, friends, and the like. Opinions fly and impressions
are made. We use our judgment to discern what makes sense and incorporate
it into our belief system. Tossing what doesn’t fit happens as naturally as
incorporating what does. It is natural and common to change our minds, too.
Our “teachers” shape our reality. At some point, we realize that we are our
ultimate source of knowledge; our intuition and greater awareness of this
earth plane leads us to possibly no longer rely on past and even present
teachers who tell us what is so.

In Earth School, we are told there are mistakes, victims of circumstance,
and fails. If we conclude that something is wrong due to it having had to be
right, perfect, or successful, we can be left with remorse, shame, guilt,
blame, embarrassment, and/or regret. Is it possible that this entire
experience here is to see the normal in everything? The picture of the
carrot with stunted growth is a wonderful example of looking at something
from a higher perspective for soul growth opportunity. Maybe the
consciousness that came in as this vegetable was curious about being short
and underdeveloped. Maybe it wanted to amuse the picker, as well as the one
who purchased it. Again, it might have had many experiences as a long, fat,
or long and lean carrot and now it was changing itself up. Still, the person
wanting a taste of this tiny morsel might need to learn patience and
acceptance; Carrot comes in to be of Service to other. To view this orange
treasure as abnormal might be a miss with respect to its presence and why it
manifest as such.

Yes.  There is good and bad, right and wrong. I am putting out the idea that
what you see before you might be exactly the way it is to be for spiritual
development’s sake. The one coming in looking, speaking, sounding, smelling,
and behaving a certain way is exactly how they are to be. Science measures
norms and judgments will be made in the third-dimensional sense. In the
higher realms, we smile and enjoy all expressions of Divinity.

I imagine a world where all shapes and sizes and all expressions are met
with wonderment, joy, and Love. Looking different is embraced versus
examined for irregularity and “wrongness.” “It takes a Village.” Well, that
Village is diverse, colorful, and woven with tapestry threads that are
unique and high in Love fibers.

May the words penned here meet you where you are left with a possibly
greater understanding of Love in all Its forms.