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We have all found ourselves in situations where do not have the blueprint or instruction manual for navigating or creating something. The paperwork might be missing. It’s an old piece and the original pamphlet isn’t even found online. We thought we knew how to make it, but the recipe can’t be found. It’s a blessing. Truly, a blessing. When one finds themselves in this situation, they are met with the wonderful challenge of making it up and creating it all by themselves.

Why is this a blessing? We are powerful creators, yet can tend to rely on others to fill us in on details, formats, and the like. Yes, if we need the kit’s manual, it’s imperative we have it. There are many reasons why instructions are necessary, yet this piece relates to when we don’t need one and can spiritually benefit from its absence.

Our souls truly fancy the open territory of coming up with something by ourselves. We enjoy the challenge. Our higher self laughs and chortles when these instances are presented to the third-dimensional physical self; it knows there might be some discomfort, but it also realizes how much the human self can grow from creating out of little to no information. In the physical, we might cry, scream, get angry, or go on work stoppage if faced with no one to guide us and tell us what to do. That’s OK. Very human to do. It might be helpful to remember why we are here in Earth School and how the limitation can afford us many opportunities.

There are no report cards given if one creates and there are issues with the product. It isn’t about the final product. The soul might be seeking expansion and balance around coping with the unknown, judgment of the creative process and final outcome, pressure on self, and procrastination and perfectionism. There are many more soul growth opportunities available to a soul; I name just a few here to give you the idea how do-it-yourself is a blessing.

Are you enjoying the process? How do you feel? Are you proud that you are manifesting something out of little or nothing by way of an instruction booklet? What kind and reassuring words do you offer yourself through this creative jag? Your soul wants more. We all do. Consider the cat picture above. It was made without instructions. No kit. The creator is proud. His creation reinforced that he can do anything from nothing. (Kits are wonderful, too. They have their place. It’s the “I made it all by myself” we are focusing on here.)

The next time you are faced with the opportunity to make something from your soul, remember that it is a gift you give yourself. The process from A to B is what it’s about. The final product is the icing on the cake. It’s not really what the outcome is. It’s what you learned getting there.

I wish you many wonderful opportunities to make more.

With Love,