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This term has been used for a very long time. Many believe it’s impossible to manipulate another’s thinking process and perception of reality. When I was a linguistics major in college, I learned a lot about rhetoric and the power of language. Now, having gone down rabbit holes, I learned more about this concept. This piece is about your sovereignty and how you can maintain it. (I will not discuss nefarious mind control or pre-birth planning of such.)

The one thing no one is able to control is your mind. You are in charge of what you think and say and do. Your reality is based on what you have concluded for yourself and for no one else. So, how can another “mind control” you if you are in charge? I believe weakness of constitution in any way determines whether one forfeits their mastering their domain. Weaknesses can be brought in from other lifetimes, and one’s present incarnation often has challenges that might contribute to the shakedown of one’s spirit. I always suggest working on any issues one has so that they can strengthen themselves and have more control over themselves. This truly is an inside job. Assistance is always available if one finds it difficult to do it alone.

If not strong, one is apt to be swayed by others. If unsure, it is easy to be manipulated and misled. Fear often moves people away from truth. There’s quite a divide of souls now and some believe they have been mind controlled so that they might not know truth. If one suspects they might have been moved from center – having been misled so as not to know what is really going on around them – step back. Go to a quiet place and sit. Ask your heart what it knows and feels. This is your soul’s brain. It knows truth and this truth trumps the mind. If there is discord between what your heart knows and what your mind believes, you have made a move forward. Yes! Taking back control of your reality is the way to beat the game!

Continue challenging your mind by going to your heart. If you continue to have a nudging of an inkling of a notion that you might have been had, that’s fine. Please do not let your ego get in the way. Regret, shame, embarrassment, and guilt block forward movement. (You incur negative karma towards self, too, which isn’t necessary at all.) The shift to your truth happens when your ego is taken out of the equation and your mind is held at bay. It might take practice moving away from your mind that has followed others without using your intuition as guidance. Anyone can break this pattern.

“How do I feel with this information? Does it ring true to me? What does my heart say?”  It feels good when you answer your call of finding truth. Others have found theirs. You can find yours.

A great saying: There’s your truth, my truth, and the truth. It does not matter about right and wrong and whether one stands with the majority of opinion. What is important is that the soul has done the inner work to hone their intuition skills, has maintained their sovereignty, and has allowed all to find their respective truths. This is not a competition. It is a playground. Perceptions shift in a moment and this, too, is normal and healthy. Allowing yourself the freedom of thought is liberating.

If you feel mind controlled – if you feel you were moved from reality, ask trusted ones to “reprogram” you. Allow the challenge of thought and perception. Enjoy this. It is not punishment. You did nothing wrong. A spirit in human form learns a lot and the Veil of Unknowing (Forgetfulness) heightens the difficulty level of the game. This playground is challenging for us all and we knew this before incarnating.

My last piece for 2022. May your mind and your heart be filled with Joy, Love, and your truth, which resonates with you and you alone.

Bless you.

~With Love,