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Greece at sunset. Someone sent me this picture after they returned from vacation. It spoke to me. You? The soul who traveled to this destination might have been there before. Yes, it was his first time to Greece, however, there might be another incarnation where he resides at the same spot he took this shot. Perhaps it was the general vicinity where he’s also perched. Again, it might be Greece itself where his movie is being made.

We have a past, present, and future due to the physicality of this place called Earth. Bridging the realms by remaining present, one can “override” time. One can travel to other lifetimes, as well as other dimensions. The purpose of this piece is to stir you. I wish to move you, if you already haven’t been, to consider that you are in an infinite number of realities at once and that you, here, in this lifetime have probably traveled to other destinations where you reside in other lifetimes.

My belief is that the significant places you have lived and to where you have traveled are oftentimes where you play elsewhere. For a moment, think about the most meaningful locations (good and bad experiences) where you have been situated. Chances are you have been there before. I have written about déjà vu. It is relevant again here with respect to your possibly having a feeling you’ve been here before… Long ago and far away is a concept many embrace; the metaphorical significance points to a lifetime from the past. It is easy to think of other lifetimes in terms of chronology, however, all experiences are concurrent. They exist at the same time. Therefore, your knowing – your feeling that you might just have been there before is your threading one incarnation to another in the Now moment.

If you sit down and wrote out all the places you lived and visited, you might have a moment of remembering. Your third eye chakra might see images and you might know things and feel things about those places. It really is enjoyable to go inside and connect with you elsewhere.

You are magnificent. You are grand. You have the ability to play and grow in so many fantastical places. Earth is not the only playground. Sit in meditation, put sacred space around yourself, White Light protection for shielding, and open your crown chakra to where you are incarnated elsewhere. Ask for Divine Assistance if you need this. Just be and watch the information come through. Please do not edit or judge what you experience. Allow, enjoy. Repeat.

Long ago and far away, I was a comparative literature professor at Drew University. This came through when I walked the grounds for three years offering radio shows at the on campus station. The familiarity was so deep and clear… I could go on and on about where I am elsewhere, but that isn’t the purpose of this penning.

It’s your turn. Have fun, repeat.

With Love,