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The holiday season is a mixed bag.  Some dread “days of cheer” while others say, “Bring them on!”  Each soul has a storybook filled with chapters that color how they anticipate, perceive, and experience celebrations.  I wish to pen a piece about how loss is experienced at this time of year.

I have not personally experienced the loss of a loved one or pet around the winter holiday season, nor have I grieved one’s loss around any holiday. I believe this is due to my religious background. Many, many friends of mine have, though.  Recently, I learned of my friend Peter’s cat, Blackie, who left this earth plane several months ago.  He was 19.  My energy medicine practitioner would treat me for my cat allergy to Blackie; I would then be able to enter Peter’s home with little to no reaction. Blackie kept to himself.  He was a great presence.  I felt it.  When I learned that Blackie left, I was shocked.  It just never dawned on me that one day he would not be here.  I write this as a tribute to his soul.

Many folks around the world take pause at this time of year – a time of birth and miracles and family and triumph and new beginnings – to reflect on their lives spent with those who are now Home.  For some, they accept the concept of death.  For others, death is perceived as a rip-off – God’s kink in the Plan.  Sadness and grief must be felt; it is imperative to do so in order to move forward as a soul learning in Earth School.  Acceptance of death is key.  It frees the soul.  The concept of a soul being eternal is not shared by everyone.  The Veil of Forgetfulness, or Unknowing is over us upon incarnation.  I cannot and you cannot prove or make anyone believe this concept.  It truly is an individual’s choice whether they will know this to be true at some point in their life. 

I began channeling departed ones and pets in the early 2000’s.  Never did I believe in reincarnation or the afterlife until around that time.  The realization that souls left this plane and returned Home just to return again when they wished filled a void I never knew I had.  Souls I had channeled on “the Other Side” blessed me with The Rapture as a thank you for being of Service to their loved one here on earth.  In addition to seeing White Light before my eyes, the Love I felt in my heart brought me to my knees; I would weep with Joy. My heart felt like it would explode because it could not handle that much Love here in my tiny body.  I knew everyone was alright there…

Life and death are part of a cycle here. Reincarnation is, too.  Just part of the Plan…

If you wish answers from the Other Side, ask only the highest of Christ Light Consciousness to respond to you.  Be still and listen to what enters your mind.  You might hear, see, feel, know, taste, and/or smell your answers.  This experience is very healing if you wish connection.

If you have lost a beloved one, talk to them!  They hear you!!  It is simple:  Get quiet and imagine you see them.  Put protection around yourself (White Light) and begin talking to them. (It can be out loud or inside.)  If you believe it is possible to hear an answer, you open that up as a possibility.  Doubt is a block. Be still and wait. Do not expect anything. Expectations are blocks, as well.  With an adventurous spirit, you can enter sacred space where there is union of two souls – here on the earth plane and there at Home.

May your heart be free and your mind be light and clear.  Bless you for being here on earth during this fabulous time of awakening. We need you.

With Love,