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Healing is a process. It takes time, dedication, and patience. If one shifts and feels better, one may realize their efforts were worth it. Combing through the past, researching issues, chatting, delving, and clearing are all ways to change one’s present framework and realign with someone, someplace, something different. These new people, places, and things can bring value to one’s spiritual development. Having the notion that there will be a brighter future, a happier existence is often the impetus for change. Many, however, view healing as the four-letter word: W.O.R.K.

It is easy to bake a layer cake knowing that when it is done, the slice will provide an inside layer or layers of yummy filling. It takes little work to get to the middle for the bounty. Even seeing the layer cake before it is sliced offers the gastronome reassurance that they will soon experience what they were hankered for. Time, dedication, and patience “getting to the bottom of it” isn’t very analogous as a cake is soft when pierced and the layer(s) can be found quite instantly. I believe we humans enjoy easy fixes, soft landings, and offerings that do not require much W.O.R.K.

The Blog picture posted is that of a web in the grass I found on my lawn of my former house. It was early morning and the grass was dewy. I crouched down and found it fascinating. There was no sign of a spider and I wasn’t able to see beneath the dewy web. Photo op for me and I went on with my way. Today, I see how this web layered with dew is a metaphor for how humans explore self in order to heal. We actually yearn to find the stuff hidden below, yet often forget that we incarnated to take on this very task. Beneath the exterior is a world of hidden gems. Treasure in terms of old scripts, vows, unforgiveness, traumas, regret, and more can be scavenged and released. If one is curious and perceives peeling layers as having value, then time, dedication, and patience disintegrate the “W” word to “work.”

The unknown – what might be found beneath the dewy web or top of the cake – is off-putting to some. Heal yourself around issues of not knowing, having to know, any control issues you might have, and anything fear-based concerning self-exploration. In order to feel better, one must pierce the exterior in order to enter layers for healing’s sake.

We came here to have a physical experience in a third-dimensional reality. Soul growth is part of our gig. We enjoy being more and we forget, due to a Veil (that is thinning), that our soul yearns for the yummy filling. If it tastes bitter, it can be shifted to ambrosial. Please consider this is possible.

May your web provide your soul with piqued curiosity and may your cake be surprisingly sating.

With Love,