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I am often asked about the concept of luck and good fortune.  People are very curious about their positive experiences; they wonder whether there are forces on The Other Side that contribute to their good tidings.  My answer is always the same:  There are several factors at play that can create fortunate outcomes.  Let’s take a look at what they are.

  • Did we pre-birth plan for an event to occur or a process to unfold that would yield good fortune?  Before incarnating, we sit with members of our soul group to discuss soul growth goals.  A lesson might involve coming into money or bumping into a former colleague who might offer you your next job.  Years of steps taken could lead to mastery around a skill or comprehension of a concept that elevates one’s soul.
  • Has the individual consciously energized a desire for a positive outcome around a situation?  If someone thinks about, takes steps towards, and believes that a goal can be met, the chances are high they will reach it.  If fear and doubt are absent and the wish is deemed for their highest good, it is likely they will see their wish fulfilled.  The Law of Attraction is a Universal principle.  It is not necessary for one to know about this Law in order to find abundance and positivity.  Many aren’t aware of this, yet they operate through their lives as if they are.
  • Are the stars aligned for fortune to show its visage?  I do not claim to be an astrologer, but I do believe that the planetary bodies’ positions play a role in our lives.  Have you ever exclaimed, “The stars were aligned!”  If you trace your “luck” to an astrological chart, you will probably find your explanation.  An adept astrologer will help you understand the positions of stars and other bodies and their roles in your recent happy outcome.
  • Prayer is an energy that assists us, as well as others.  It is underrated.  Making “direct connect” with God (or the name of your choosing) is a holy communication – a channel – of your heart’s desire.  Prayers are heard.  They are known.  If the outcome is for your highest good, it will be delivered. We recall another common exclamation: “My prayers were answered!”
  • What goes around, comes around. We can call it good karma.   I believe we are rewarded for good deeds.  If you’ve been a good boy or girl, the Universe blesses you.  It is as simple as that.
  • We are tested by The Other Side, as well.  To experience “good luck” might be very jarring and unsettling for some.  It could take courage to accept something positive.  One might be very challenged by the concept of worthiness and reject a gem placed before them due to a feeling of undeservedness.  Disbelief might be the individual’s defense; fortune knocking on the door surely can challenge the one who derealizes or depersonalizes events.  Ego involvement is always up for grabs when one comes into money or any type of positive occurrence.  Many let things go to their head.  Humility and gratitude are forsaken.  When the Universe tests us, we are to try to remain in balance in all ways.  We can receive our rewards with grace and ease and place a  “check” on our Soul Growth Bucket List!
  • Living in the present – the Now – is where we are most powerful.  The past is for reflection and learning’s sake.  The future is for planning without expectations.  If we are focused and are positive in our thoughts and deeds, we increase the chances of synchronicities and miracles to occur.
  • Saying affirmations such as “I am lucky,” “I am fortunate,” “I am worthy,” and “Everything is unfolding in Divine Right Order” move us to a more balanced frequency.  When we resonate from a place of peace and positivity, we will probably see Good Ol’ Luck knocking at our front door.
  • If we have successfully worked through a challenge in another lifetime where we are concurrently incarnated, we will experience a “bleed through” effect in this and all lifetimes.  The “win” might be experienced as an uplift, gain, or any form of good fortune.  I always encourage others to be the very best version of themselves.  The rewards are felt here and everywhere.

Having gratitude for past windfalls, miracles, and good fortune does contribute to future “lucky” outcomes.  I cannot express enough how much Gratitude plays a role in our movie.

Watch for miracles.  Anticipate synchronicities.  Enjoy the unfolding of your story.

I wish you prosperity, abundance, good fortune, positive outcomes, and whatever is for your highest good.

With Love (and Luck),