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What are you waiting for?  Are you expecting something to happen?  I believe many of us are wishing and hoping for someone to enter or an event to occur that will improve our lives.  It is this anticipation, or waiting with baited breath that surely is a human challenge in Earth School.

If you are at a place in your life where the pieces fit and you feel settled mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, there is less of a neediness within.  Chapters are lived smoothly.  Bumps in the road are experienced as manageable blips to be traversed.  All is well with the world.

When we find ourselves at a place of uncertainty or instability, we often work to satiate our hunger for prosperity, Love, and freedom.  It may be a conscious effort or it may not be so deliberate.  Our souls desire balance. As cells in our body reach for homeostasis during basic osmosis, our souls yearn for a greater sense of well-orchestrated give and take. The challenge – the juicy and delicious spiritual challenge – arrives when not all the support beams are positioned evenly.  We often set up scenarios before birth to challenge ourselves in this manner. “Hey, Larry! Throw the ladder off on a tilt! Put the bricks in a pile, but throw away some of the essentials!”  If we haven’t planned lopsidedness, we free will choose it after we are born. Willingly and purposefully, we seek imbalance in order to work hard to create harmony.

“Why would I want to create mayhem?  How simple it would be to set up a perfect Nirvana to begin with.”  Earth School is a high-powered, pressure cooker of an experience where we get to grow by leaps and bounds. Throwing things off-kilter is the point. The spiritual work is actually what we seek.

When we find ourselves without, empty, under, lacking, sinking, or dim, we have the great opportunity to vision what we do want. The challenge comes in when we want it so badly that we feel entitled to all we do not possess. The expectation of more pushes one away from being in the Now. It creates an energy surge that can slow down or even stop the creative process from manifesting what we desire. As rocker Tom Petty pines, “The waiting is the hardest part.”

Go inside and ask your inner child what makes it so untenable to remain present-centered.  Is it fear?  It always comes down to fear. (smile and hug) Bravely, ask your little one about the hurt. Where did it come from and how long has it resided there. Offer your little one words of comfort and praise for having lived these years in discomfort. Honor the pain and accept what has been. Identify the steps the older and wiser you have taken (if at all) to reach the goal(s) you have set. Praise goes very far.

“If I do not get this, see this, feel this thing I so desperately want, I will (fill in the blank).” Here is where you identify your greatest fear. Is it realistic? Will you really fall apart? The Universe knows what we want. Yes, it does! Faith, Trust, and Hope are our compatriots; they love us dearly. By accepting our Now, believing we are held in the palm of Spirit, and taking steps towards fulfilling our dreams, we can become more tolerant of our present situations.

Patience is a virtue. It is one of the most holy words for me. I am grateful to know this consciousness construct. We are getting to know one another quite well. It offers me another round of shots of Love as I throw back Time like it means nothing.

Get down with the “P” word. Invite it in and ask it to assist you. Do your work. Pray and sit. When the timing is just right and when your prosperity, Love, and freedom arrive, you will know just how virtuous a soul you are.

A day at a time.

With Love,