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It is very important to do your personal work in Earth School.  You incarnated with a set of issues that you’ve been addressing in your myriad of lifetimes elsewhere in Creation.  These are themes you continue to mull over, analyze, tease apart, and hopefully, work through.  Karmic issues that resulted in unforgiveness towards self and/or other contribute to problems on your plate.  Curiosity about certain types of struggles you wish to investigate might be on your list of what to face.  Being stuck in certain themes bleeds through into this lifetime and causes confusion and upset. The challenge is to take account of what is before you and work to resolve what holds you back from experiencing balance, Peace, Joy, and soul development.

In this physical, third-dimensional reality you have probably experienced ups and downs.  Have you managed to stay grounded and centered?  Did you learn from the travails you faced?  If you have, that is wonderful!  If you find that you continue to struggle with issues that have been closed for some time, or you are presently struggling, there is good news:  You can do something about it.

In Earth School, there are so many avenues to restoring one’s mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.  Healers and therapists are plentiful.  So many choices!  How does one know which avenue to take?  Before I became gifted with healing and channeling abilities, I was a clinical social worker for ten years.  I believed therapy was the gift one could give themselves.  I feel blessed to have learned about the benefits of both modalities.

Why would someone go for therapy?  It is because there are issues in their life that need to be addressed in order to move forward.  If you have not moved from your past into the present, a good therapist can assist you.  Addictions, fears, mood disorders, PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder), personality disorders, loss, relationship woes – basically any issue in your life that you are unable to cope with in order to move ahead as a healthy functioning individual – is the reason why you would sign up for therapy.  The issues covered can date back as far as infancy and early childhood.  Yes, problems can stem from our formative years.  Do you need to go regularly?  Yes.  It is essential to develop a working relationship with your therapist and create momentum in order to heal, learn, practice, and move ahead.  Graduation does occur for most who enter this blessed work space.

Now, why would someone go to a healer?  This is an unconventional way of dealing with issues in this lifetime.  Healers are able to access information otherwise unavailable to conventional therapists.  The unseen is embraced, such as other lifetimes, chakras, auric debris, karma, pre-birth planning, negative energies, soul contracts, Divine assistance from others outside this realm.  Crystals, oils, herbs, supplements, energy medicine, homeopathy, energy healing, prayer, meditation, yoga, sound and color therapy are just some of the many tools a healer might use or recommend in conjunction with their particular healing modality.  “Let’s address how to immediately change this behavior or thought” is not the healer’s main focus.  Crises, self-destructive behaviors, acute and dire conditions are best left to therapists who are trained to assist those who need to identify and change currently problematic life patterns and situations.  Healers are more esoteric in that they often pull from the unseen and tie in other lifetimes, energies, and concepts that are buried in the unconscious, the ethers, or even off planet. If one has not addressed immediate concerns in this lifetime, oftentimes a therapist can assist one in developing the tools needed to step into their power and move forward.  The healer’s process might take a little longer, therefore crises and acute conditions really need to be addressed by a therapist.

When one works with both a therapist and a healer, they receive the best of both worlds.  “Here and there,” I say.  This lifetime and others are addressed by the respective practitioners.  Can it get confusing?  Yes!  Adding a healer to the mix is recommended for someone who is grounded in reality and not using healing as a way to escape the work they need to do here.  The “feel good” from a healer sometimes moves the avoidant client away from their goals.  Healing work is most effective when a person has some sense of stability in their life and the benefits only add to what they are experiencing now.

I am sure there are readers who might disagree and say that going to a healer is all that is needed.  I believe this is so when a person is able to cope in this lifetime with the issues they have experienced and/or are currently experiencing.  (Self-exploration never hurt anyone…)

Magic does happen in healing sessions where change is spontaneous, radical, and life transforming.  Sometimes, it is exactly what is needed to move someone forward.

If you are still unsure whether healing or therapy is indicated for you, please feel free to reach out to me.  I would be very glad to assist you.

Much Love,