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Many share that they are receiving messages from Archangels, Ascended Masters, departed ones, their Higher Self, and the like. The Veil is thinning and people are coming into their Divine Gifts like never before. Guidance has always been available to us, yet many have not perceived it as clearly as they do today. Since there is no Psychic University to (re)educate us about our “internal GPS,” we rely on our intuition (which is the best indicator), books we read, videos we watch, and conversations we have with others. If we aren’t interested in delving into the Divine Senses, our skill set remains more fixed until curiosity sets in or the desire to expand ensues. I believe it is important to spend a little time on from whom we receive information and how to better assess whether the Guidance received is accurate and has integrity.

We are all hardwired similarly with the ability to channel and heal. Some are more adept due to their Veil being thin. Others have spiritually developed to where they have a greater facility to do so. Some have made vows, written scripts, and said “never” where in this lifetime they have blocked their Guidance system. All souls have the opportunity to awaken to their Guidance. To receive glorious messages, it is paramount to heal self. A commitment to resolve one’s issues will clear karma, raise one’s frequency, and improve the body, mind, and spirit connection.

Divine “Clairs” include: Clairaudience (Divine hearing), clairvoyance (Divine seeing), clairsentience (Divine feeling), claircognizance (Divine knowing), clairsalience (Divine smelling), and clairgustance (Divine tasting). Again, we all are hardwired similarly. Some might have all clairs on deck in this lifetime. Others might have several. Nothing is broken. There is always a reason why some Divine senses are not available. It usually is karmic. Releasing karma to self and other across all lifetimes will assist in clearing the path for the possibility of specific clairs to open for you. Forgiveness frees…

Did you realize that if you open yourself to channel you might receive lower vibrational messages from souls who see your opening and wish to connect with you? There are many souls across Creation who would enjoy connection. This does not mean, however, that it is for your highest good to accept the invitation. In order to ensure you receive the highest of Guidance, first intend to put sacred space around yourself. I envision sacred space as a bubble permitting holiness through to me. Next, I intend that White Light, or Love, surround me. Love, to me, is Creation – the highest frequency, which we are as a collective. Finally, I call in the highest of Christ Light – the Enlightened Ones. Only the highest versions of souls are to come through. Lower vibrations – those with malintent – are not permitted. You can set it and forget it by intending this always be the case so when you are out and about and also asleep, only the holy come through.

Many channel fear-based messages and believe this is normal. Many do not realize that we, as channels or bridges, are to inspire, not disseminate fear. It is possible to believe you are receiving messages from souls who state who they are, yet they are cloaked. Yes. Lower vibrational beings can state they are another in order to deceive.

How does one discern who is who? I have found it is based on the feeling I receive when in channel, as well as the content received. Also, if I do not feel well emotionally and/or physically, I conclude I have been psychically attacked and the soul duped me. This happened to me in my early days after being fast-tracked with Divine Gifts. I learned about protection and intention and have not found this to be the case today.

Why is it important to consider taking steps before receiving Guidance, as well as assessing the material received? One’s body, mind, and spirit are affected by others’ vibrations. One’s temple is holy and is to be kept as such. Also, the information received can affect one’s mind and decisions made thereafter. Uplifting, inspiring, educational, validating, and healing content indicates one is in union with high versions of souls who wish to assist you on your journey.

I hope this piece was educational and provided some tips for when you go into channel, meditate and receive information, or receive Guidance anywhere at any time.

Enjoy the journey. May your Guidance be the Highest…

With Love,