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Joan E. EisingerAttachments2:00 PM (43 minutes ago)

Are you working now? I don’t necessarily mean gainfully employed and garnering a paycheck. I am asking whether you are working on yourself. Were you before? If not, have you begun now? This is an extraordinarily opportune time for us as a collective to sift through the rubble and pick out what trash needs to be tossed from ourselves. OK. If you are gainfully employed today, that if fantastic. Whether you enjoy the work, it does not matter as a paycheck comes in handy during stressful times.  Getting to work is the reason why you came to Earth. Getting to work now is exquisite because the high energies now more than ever swiftly assist in dredging up what you need to review and release.

Do you feel pressed to work on yourself? I believe one would feel so if they have not had positive outcomes or expressions of their efforts.  If today isn’t working for you, chances are you need to address your present way of being. Channelings for a very long time spoke of taking a long, hard look at oneself to release insecurities, ego involvement, addictions, fears of any kind, and doubt in order to clear what does not serve. With the high energies coming in as we swirl to the Zero Point of the Fibonacci spiral, it will become more difficult to manage what has been buried beneath the surface. I heeded these channeled messages and addressed fears, eliminating them out of concern that it would be intolerable when we reached this auspicious time.  Have you been working on your fears?  If so, do you feel proud that you have been doing this? I applaud you. You are a brave soul.

For those who have not yet addressed yourselves in this way, I offer you this: Fear is a feeling. It is not a fact. It is your perception that can be altered by your mind. No one but yourself can shift your perception and move you from fear to Love and hope and faith. That is the fantastic part of this: You control the outcome of your movie! There are so many Divine Assistants in the ethers who are here for you during this process: Spirit Guides, departed ones, angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Star Beings, Elementals, Consciousnesses. They are rooting for you as you address your soul contracts regarding spiritual development. Dig, delve, dredge, observe, feel, accept, forgive, and release. Yes. This is the work to be done.

With the stresses faced today, it is more of a challenge. If one has not done the work before this time, it might seem insurmountable to overcome fear. It isn’t, though, as you are a very strong soul who came to earth to face fear during the Shift of Consciousness. Wise and true to yourself, you planned to incarnate as the Earth would pivot to a new and improved screen set. You might have forgotten the plan. I am here to remind you.

Please do not shame yourself if you have not done the work till now. Be in the moment and begin. Blame, guilt, shame, regret are all lower vibration forms of self-flagellation that get one nowhere fast. Treat yourself to a self-congratulations after doing the work. It’ll go a long way.

As you pack your lunch and take off for the office, remember that you are not alone when you get to work. We have been with you, are, and always will be.

It’s been a pleasure working with you.

Love is your name.