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I’ve thought a lot about aging. As I get older, I see how many folks are younger than I. They appear to have more innocence and newness of experience with life. As years pass, so much occurs and lessons may be learned. What part might I play with respect to those who are my juniors? Might they have more to teach me?

Within my circle-of-life movie, I have witnessed both teacher-student and parent-child dyads. Is the student always the one receiving lessons from the teacher where there is no reciprocity? Does the child unilaterally receive from the parent and not offer novel ideas in return? My mind dances in a circle contemplating who, what, and why. On the surface, I could conclude that the elder, the more learned with degrees, the one with more experience “teaches down” to those “beneath” them. It appears this way on paper, yet when I scratch the surface, I see that the one with more years on them, etc., has much to gain with respect to soul growth from those they manage or care for. Who’s teaching who?!

I have heard the adage, “Children have a lot to teach their parents.” How could a child have wisdom to impart to their caretaker if they haven’t lived as long and experienced as much? As I enter my senior years, I am clearer about how this is possible. Each soul comes into a lifetime with a fund of knowledge that pulls from all their respective lifetimes; the wisdom they bring into this life draws from many others. There might be pre-birth plans to stifle some conclusions and not have them surface. It is important to consider that the one appearing “ignorant” might be a very wise one playing a part for both their and others’ soul growth. If you have contemplated the younger generation is less wise, please consider that so many are of extremely high vibrations to assist with the New Earth energies of this reality we are co-creating. If the highway of learning is a two-way street, might I shift my energy and intend that younger-appearing souls shower me with their wisdom so I might continue to shift and grow in my later years? This is playful for me and makes me hopeful that the ones on my path who are my “juniors” could afford me the opportunity to bring me to the next Tetris level.

My role has become more defined as mother to many, as well as teacher and role model. These hats as I call them are cherished and I am honored to be of Service. Despite my chronological age, I see my peers and juniors as my teachers and parents. It is a fabulous dance of Love and support. Future generations may reap the seeds planted by us. Elders and juniors alike disseminate so much to be harvested for soul growth.

Enjoy aging and honor yourself and those who have offered you the wisdom to know this difference.

We are walking each other Home. It’s a Love thang.

Bless you,