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Dear Joanie,

“My (friend/loved one/pet) is hurting.  I feel helpless and don’t know how I can help them.  How do I deal with this situation?  Is there anything I can do that is in my control?”


Helpless, Yet Hopeful


Dear Helpless, Yet Hopeful,

“Your question is very common.  You and so many others ask me why we suffer, what we are to learn from it, how we are to get through pain, and how onlookers, such as yourself can assist.

Despite your helpless feelings, you actually are being of assistance, first, merely by the Love that you emanate from your heart.  Your genuine caring and concern is transmitted to the one you care about.  Energetically, you are sending a signal that assists in raising their vibration.  Since Love is the highest frequency, it can only move one a bit more forward when they receive the signal.  The effects might not be apparent, yet there is a frequential change that takes place.  It is the free will choice of the one you care about that affects the outcome of the Love Transmission.  If one is ready to feel better, the effects are greater.  If one is not, there might be little change.

Prayer is very powerful a tool.  It is easy to connect directly with Spirit/Source/I AM/Creator/God and send wishes to the hurting soul.  One can pray anywhere, at any time, and it can be done once or more often.  Praying will calm you down and hold you in a state of grace that is probably needed now.

Angels are waiting for you to request their assistance.  ‘Hey!  You know this address?  I need more sent there!’  Angels only request that you thank them.  Divine Assistance is unique in that angels specialize in all sorts of difficulties.  A general supplication will be answered and those who are specifically meant to tackle your hurting soul’s concerns will come to the fore.

It is important to remember that we all have chosen to experience pain in Earth School in order to have spiritual growth.  Saving, or rescuing another actually blocks another’s ability to fulfill their soul contracts.  Use your discernment regarding when to intervene versus allowing another to experience discomfort in order to grow on their own accord.

Being hopeful is of paramount importance.  Think positively and envision your hurting soul as fully healed.  Use the Law of Attraction to make a wonderful, happy ending to your movie you are directing here.

Your heart is very powerful.  Your mind is, as well.  Say the Serenity Prayer, believe in miracles, and watch this story unfold.

I am supporting you.”