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What is exactly one’s true essence? How does one distinguish one from another? We tend to group people by like traits. It is human nature to do so. However, it is also important to look at the uniqueness of each individual in order to appreciate and understand their different operating system. Many might not understand how I roll in this world; I definitely march to another drummer. Knowing me better through interactions heightens one’s awareness of how I function and perceive this world.  The coin graph that was meticulously created by my son in his younger years exemplifies the mystery of another’s essence. The dots and dashes, the color differentiation and spacing can be seen as projections of one’s internal make up. This Blog begins as abstractly as is the topic. We are coins on a carpet and we are also dots and dashes, coordinated blips and spaces that exemplify our individuality. Exploring and appreciating what each brings to the table decreases tendencies to generalize, group, lump, and make assumptions about others.

I have met people and have found them as cryptic as a Zeroes and Ones computer sheet. The computer code was dense and I was unable to read them. Many times, I’d dislike not knowing who I was interacting with because their presentation was so unfamiliar to me. To make a quick assumption based on whatever familiar traits were apparent made me feel more in control of the situation. Dissolving discomfort via generalizing, pigeonholing, and assuming is very common. We enjoy being on an even playing field and being in control. What gets tricky is when we make a quick judgement — an assumption — and then are left feeling foolish when the person reveals their true essence behind the mysterious code we only had to work with.

So many have made assumptions about who I am based on my name, state of origin, religious background, manner in which I speak (diction and vocabulary), and profession. I watch folks’ wheels turn as they jump to conclusions based on the Zeroes and Ones that are available to them. Rather than scratch the surface or even deep dive to know more before assuming, presuming, concluding, remarks and actions indicate they know me and have put me in a special box. I do not take this personally. Instead, I appreciate human nature and understand the person felt the need to know me first off as I have felt this need in my younger days.

Revealing my Processor is quite simple. Throwing someone a bone about my inner workings after hearing their misperception about me throws a sure monkey wrench into the scene. Boggled with new information, they must reexamine and readjust their notion(s). It is a terrific soul growth opportunity for both involved: I have the opportunity to reveal my identity by sharing more of my self with other. They have the opportunity in the future to allow themselves to get to know someone before generalizing and placing someone in a box. To not know, to begin to know, and to never quite know is truly a wonderful concept for spiritual development.

The coin graph on the carpet sat for weeks untouched. It represented my son’s love of statistics. The year minted was recorded in this manner. His processor was a mystery then and has been revealed over the years as I’ve been privy to his inner workings. I might never truly understand his operating system, yet I appreciate the code he works with.

One’s true essence is grand in its majesty. To not understand who is before us is a challenge. We can meet it with grace and withhold from quick judgement. Allowing the unfoldment of other is holy and worth the wait.

To know me is to love me.

Bless you.