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“Do you feel that?  The energy is strong.  I am having more difficulty staying balanced and hopeful.”  You might have shared these thoughts with me, with friends, family, or whispered them to yourself.  What is commonly being experienced for some time now has been channeled for eons by many souls.  In the early 2000’s, I read messages stating that the Earth is ascending and high vibrations would be arriving to the planet.  Gaia, Mother Earth, would be ascending, as well; higher vibrations would emanate from her as she released what did not serve her.  As both the internal and external energies would rise, all souls on the planet would feel them.  All that exists would then have to accommodate to higher frequencies.

Buried energies of lower vibration cannot tolerate higher frequencies. They are drawn to rise up and out of all things.  It was suggested in channelings that people work through all unresolved issues because it will become increasingly intolerable to exist comfortably.  Many have tirelessly worked on their unresolved issues that include anxiety, depression, abandonment, neglect, addiction, trauma, abuse, just to name a few.  Whether it be via therapy, journaling, self-help, or group work, folks can address what they avoided in order to become more aligned with the new higher frequencies.

If you find yourself struggling, consider looking inward.  Why does it feel that the world is closing in?  You do have the power to change yourself.  Inside is a treasure trove of stories in this life that can be examined and re-examined.  Make a list of your limitations, your fears, what you avoid.  Surely you will pen at least something, for we all have unhealed parts of self.  When you have exhausted yourself, prioritize the issues and ask yourself whether you are able to improve yourself alone.  Assistance is always available if you cannot do it solo.

“The world closing in” is a perception that can be feared.  It can also be perceived as a blessing.  “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”  Pressure, anxiety, panic, and fear can motivate one to face self.  Rather than run, hide, bury, and avoid, one can hold on tight, breathe, and go inside.  The mind is a powerful tool.  Decide to examine, without judgement, what you can “upshift” as the planet does, too.

We incarnated on this timeline in order to heal ourselves. Did you know that remedying self in this life has a bleed through effect to all lifetimes where you are currently incarnated?  It is a win win.

You are not alone.  We, as a collective, are ascending.  How we handle the experience determines our respective comfort levels and feelings of security.  I strongly suggest turning the mirror and facing you in your entirety.  Your marvelous strengths have carried you to this place, here in the Now.  Celebrate your accomplishments.  Use your strengths as change agents in your self-improvement project.  It does not have to be excruciating.  Go in with wonder, adventure, curiosity, and de-Light.  Make it palatable and fun!

May you always feel protected and safe during this magnificent, extraordinary time here on Earth.

With Love,