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Many folks ask me whether their departed ones, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, angels, and such hear their words, prayers and supplications.  My answer is always, “Yes.”  There is a direct line between our hearts and other souls, whether they be earthbound or other realm situated.  One does not need to have been taught how to do this.  Everyone is able.

Often, I am asked to communicate a prayer or a message to a soul on the “other side.”  I do so, yet I share with the person who has made this request that they just sent the message with their last utterance. Bewildered, I explain that I am not magical, possessing powers they do not hold. Once one is aware of their ability to connect, they no longer have to rely on a psychic, medium, or other spiritualist for intermediary communications of this nature.

I share this Blog post because I wish to empower anyone who feels they cannot be heard. 

If you wish to connect with Divine Ones, ask for only the highest of Christ Light to come through.  If you wish to connect with departed ones and pets, ask for their highest version of themselves to come through.  One can be anywhere to do this; a bedroom, basement, field, grocery store will do. (smile) Souls know we are communicating because they are drawn to our frequency signature and our intention to connect with them. Since we are all connected as One, it is like one part of a circuit board reaching out to another part of it to make connection. The energy runs across a channel and Point A connects with Point B.  Simple!

Be careful who you wish to connect with. I highly suggest you only play in the Light.  Waking up dark forces will cause trouble, chaos, karma, and psychic attack. ‘Nuf said.

If you carry anger towards a soul who is on the “other side,” it is likely that they will not wish to engage in a discussion.  I have fielded questions from folks who ask me why they aren’t receiving messages from departed ones.  When a person holds a grudge or is full of rage towards the departed soul, often they do not wish to show signs they are OK at Home.  It’s like crickets…….  While in channel doing mediumship, departed souls have shared with me that the low vibration energy of anger is unsettling and they choose not to make the connection. It is their free will choice that preserves their sense of balance and calm. One needs to understand that all is Divinely Ordered and the soul left perfectly with the “Stamp of Approval” from guides and angels, etc.  Let go of the anger and grieve your loss. When you are settled and more peaceful, your communications will be met with a probable opening for a cosmic response, if this is what you desire.

Please remember that prayers sent out might not be answered if they are not for the highest good of another or the highest good of all. It is like this.  Spiritually sound laws assist us all and keep us safe from what is not for our betterment.  Trust that all prayers are heard and outcomes are manifest justly.  It is so.

Go into your heart.  What arises? What do you wish to share with those who are unseen?  They love us and wish us peace.  Regular discussions with Divine Assistants and other Beloveds are good for the soul.

I hope your ears are ringing now.

With Love,