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Have you ever lost sight of the Light at the end of the tunnel?  I have come close.  Bleak.  That word can be terrifying when your perception of what is before you has no lustre.  When we find ourselves in this passageway, it is very important to first identify that we are even here in this seeming Godforsaken place.  So many slip into a state of numb and cold that their hearts and minds become too far gone to register where they are and how they got there.

Why is it important to place your stake in the ground when you feel isolated, desperate, alone, despairing, or invisible?  Identifying and facing the truth of one’s reality is the catalyst that awakens the soul.  A “woke” soul can better hear Divine messages, as well as internal messages.  From there, one can begin to take steps towards finding the dimmer switch and turning it up notches.

We have hit a bottleneck, crossroads, bottom.  Please cry at this time.  Journal. Call a friend.  Walk to a meeting.  Go to the store to get food.  Answer the phone.  Read something inspirational.  Shower.  Eat an apple.  Do whatever it takes to move yourself from your present state. This shift changes your energy pattern.  It’s like shaking dust and rubble off your body after an explosion.

Pray for assistance if you are unable to do this alone.  Your prayers are heard.  Someone might just call or walk in and help you take the steps needed to release yourself from your mire.

Can you visualize a Bright Spot?  If not, draw a picture of a Light.  It can be a lighthouse or sun that is radiating warmth.  Maybe an angel comes to mind.  A beaming star or a glowing orb might suit your fancy.  (The drawing can be rudimentary.)  Place this drawing in a part of your home where you will see it when you pass by.  Intend that the Light draws you to it.  Hope is instilled during this process.

Many lose Hope when they are depressed or have given up. Faith is often lost, as well.  The Love from the Divine Ones has never been reneged.  You may not have felt it, but it is ever present and unyielding.  Hope is drawn when Faith is renewed.  Embracing the idea that you are loved and have never been forsaken can be enough to awaken the most slumbering of despairers.  (Ask an angel for a sign that can restore your Faith.  Keep your eyes wide open.  You will be amazed…)

If you can visualize going from prone to your knees to standing tall and upright, you are also shifting your energy.  The concept of being defeated gets dismantled.  Visualize running towards your goal(s).  Do this often.  Your movie in your mind’s eye goes from that of derelict to box office hit.  If you are religious or spiritual, pocket or palm a symbol or amulet that offers you Hope.  The nurturance offered from crystals also aids one in healing brokenness.  Aromatherapy awakens the senses and can knock out despair.  Flower essences, crystal bowls, tuning forks, uplifting music, crystal beds, as well as homeopathic remedies and oils can lift and support one who wishes to see the Light.

When you are recovering from a “dark night of the soul” or a moment when you slipped from center, be kind to yourself.  Easy does it.  Re-entry can be startling if you’ve been out of the loop.  You will blend back in with the rest of us, some sooner than others.  It does not matter how long it takes.  If you see a Bright Spot, that is what is more important.

Sometimes we slip out of synch due to karma from other lifetimes.  Other times, we choose on a higher level to experience this pain in order to grow.  Still, other times we make post-incarnation free will choices that take us to a dark place – a hole.  However we get here, it is important to forgive self and other if blame is involved.  Gleaning life lessons is paramount.  “What can I learn from this?” is what it’s really all about.

I pray for your deliverance from self-sabotage, neglect, ennui, recklessness, avoidance, self-pity, addiction – any reason why Hope eluded you.  May you heal your wounds here and across all time and space.

I support you and hold you in Light.

May this written piece hasten your finding the Bright Spot.

~With Love,