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Many overhear others complain about their aches and pains. Maybe you, as well, are having a less-than-desirable physical experience and gripe, too. Our bodies have a lot to say. They have carried us for a long time and sometimes get thrown off. I’ve written about our physical vessel and wish to write more today.

This body we have is a consciousness that houses our spirit. It has Divine Knowledge of all our physical incarnations. When we are born in this reality, it protects us so that we may live a life for soul-growth opportunities. What a beautiful arrangement we have with this vessel! I imagine it is like a chalice that holds very holy wine. As a fruit basket holds fruit, a chalice holds richly seasoned grapes. We are sweet, no matter in what form…

Does the vessel have feelings? Does it communicate with us? Might it visually appear as a result of many lifetimes’ use? I would answer affirmatively to these questions. We know and choose before incarnating what our vessel, or body will look like. We know what issues it carries. We also know how we have interacted with it and whether we have forgotten its holiness and Service to us.

We often forsake it and forget it works 24/7/365 over our lifetime. This is not “bad” per se; it is a human phenomenon.

In losing touch with the consciousness – the chalice – we might take risks not otherwise taken if we remember that it is alive. The cause and effect of our thoughts and behaviors might change physical outcomes with respect to mental and physical health. In order to return to Knowing and honoring our body, we need to embrace the concept that it is being of Service on a grand level so that we might have a human experience on this plane. If we shift our perspective, many aha’s can occur. Changes in diet, activity, and outlook might possibly turn around physical anomalies and other dysfunctions that bother us. (*See Disclaimer on website) I don’t believe it is difficult to consider that what we sit in is a friend who has known us here, there, and everywhere. The takeaway from embracing our dear chalice can be plentiful and timelines can shift for the positive.

Those who play victim and are not ready to release issues might continue forsaking their body. Others who haven’t stepped into the collective consciousness concept might read this as hogwash. It does not matter. Our bodies speak to us in so many ways that, whether one embraces this concept, this vessel will knock and knock with hopes that you will answer the door.

I am in awe of the idea that Godsparks come together to form our respective physical bodies here in Earth School. It is truly a Divine work of Spirit. As a healer, I talk to physical bodies, as well as body parts and systems. They answer back. With intention, it is possible to retrieve much information about the etiology of issues experienced here, as well as in other lifetimes.

If you wish to hold your chalice gingerly and hear it speak to you, you will get an answer. This is so. If you do not hear it with your ears, your higher self will answer the door.

May the fruit in your basket be cradled. May the wine in your chalice remain sweet. May you answer the door when there is a knock.

I wish you well… always.

With Love,