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This piece is written out of a motivation to clarify who I am as a psychic, healer, medium, medical and animal intuitive, and spiritual guide.  I’ve clarified the “whats” and “hows” with many by phone and in person, yet I have not penned it.  So many have such mystical and magical ideas about how I live my life and what I am “able to do.” (smile)  It’s amazing what superpowers folks believe I have. There are quite a few who have assumed things that are not at all in the realm of what a Lightworker does. Hence, this Blog for today.

First, I must share that I was unaware of my healing and channeling abilities until around 2003, 4, 5.  They came in as a result of a “dark night of the soul.” I was acutely chemically sensitive and became homebound. I was sensitive to practically everything. You might have heard of Environmental Illness, or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).  I was unable to open windows and doors, I was reactive to all medicine, and at one point I could only eat two foods.  An energy medicine practitioner came on my path and began healing me.  He suggested I read a spiritual book, for it would be enlightening.  I read and read books that were of Light (positive, high energy – of Love).   As I healed and read, I became able to channel and do healings on others.  My world shifted 180 degrees.

People with similar gifts began arriving on my path.  I had asked the Universe to bring like mindeds to me as I felt very lonely in this new space.  I learned that we are all hardwired the same and can channel and perform healing. What makes one able is their level of spiritual development across time and space and their desire to do it in this lifetime. If one has vowed not to do it in another lifetime, it will affect this lifetime and they will not do it here. (Vows can be removed.) My focus was always on books, articles, YouTube videos and friends who spoke of Love and positive ideas.  The thought of the occult and playing in the Dark repulses me.

When I was in high school, I did Ouija with a friend. The thing on the board moved. I didn’t know what to make of it.  After the gifts came in much later in my life, I learned that the board is dark and summons negative energies.  It is to be avoided at all costs.

Oftentimes, I feel different from others because I don’t meet many people in my daily life who do what I do. On the other hand, I meet everyone who is like me in terms of what we do on a daily basis. It’s a strange experience and I am used to it.  I find it fascinating as a soul…

Folks ask me whether I see spirits around them.  I always answer that I do not because I keep my “switch” off.  If I had my “switch” on and could see spirits, my mind, body, and spirit would fry. The circuit board would go on overload.  What I do, instead, is put out the intention that I remain grounded and here on Earth until I am asked a question.  The only time I turn on my channel outside of a question is when there is a safety issue or whether someone I encounter might be a sociopath (again, safety issue).

There’s a repeat question, “Can you read people’s minds?”  No.  I do not.  I don’t want to. Never have. I believe it blocks someone’s free will. I would not want someone to know my private thoughts.  Why would I want to impose my spirit on them and pry?

Here’s another: “I bet you can make people do things.”  I choose not to engage in black magic and the occult. Yes, there are people who are practicing witchcraft and use intention to manipulate others. This is not playing in the Love vibration. Karma’s a bitch, folks. What you put out (positive and negative) you get back.  I call it the “boomerang” effect.  I do healings on folks who have put spells, hexes, and curses on people in other lifetimes; in this one they are receiving karmic debt.  I won’t go there.

More:  “Can you channel for yourself?”  No. I am unable. Spirit wants me to learn for myself. If I received answers to all my questions, I’d never learn.  I am here to experience a human life, clear karma from many lifetimes, and grow and learn like us all. 

Many do not know that I live a life just like they do.  I shop, cook, sing, go out with friends, treadmill, and eat Krispy Kreme donuts.  (Coffee is back!) When folks hear about the difficulties I have experienced from an early age, they are shocked. I do not know why folks believe that a person with metaphysical gifts cannot have a story with valleys and tears.

I love answering questions about who I am, how this all came to be. Demystifying who I am is so important because I enjoy relating to others transparently and clearly.  You know me when you’ve asked those burning questions. 

Please ask! 

Still enjoying the show,

With Love,