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Isaiah 2:4 — And He shall judge between the nations, and shall decide for many peoples; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

Well, I saw the kitschy toothpicks in my cabinet and the image kicked off a Blog post with good ol’ time religion thrown in. A song in Hebrew School referenced this passage: A nation shall not raise a sword against a nation and they shall not learn any more war. Why bring up Isaiah and the swords? Well, we’re in a holy war and it’s time to take a look at what we’re wielding. Sword or plowshare? Spear or pruning hook?

I do not believe that there is an external force judging us and forcing us to change our evil ways. I believe WE are the force that affects self and other. Without judgment, we offer ourself and other the opportunity to grow by letting go of lower vibrational thoughts, words, and deeds. Since I believe Creation desires balance, playing in the dark is met with the Collective’s energy to consider playing in the Light. It is common for many to embrace the concept that an external force will come down on them with judgment; fear sparks change, but this isn’t necessarily out of inspiration to become a “better person” or the highest version of self.

If we are the He, maybe we are hundredth monkeying each other to change evil ways and climb aboard the Peace Train of All. I feel this is so.

Do you carry a sword or plowshare? Spear or pruning hook? There’s probably a sword or spear somewhere in your sheath. Go inside when you are quiet and consider whether you hold the following: rage, resentment, acrimony, contempt, jealousy, blame, envy, pity, entitlement, lust, grandiosity, hate, judgment, bitterness, prejudice, anger, and avarice. The list can really be quite long if you think about the many negative thoughts and feelings that separate you from other. These vibrations not only lower one’s energy, but they also incur negative karma towards self and other. This surely doesn’t make for a Peace Train of All scenario.

Swords and spears affect others like ripples in a pond. Since we are a tapestry, your sword and spear hurt me. I’d really like for you to get rid of your swords and spears. I’m working on what’s in my sheath. Thank you.

Have you heard this expression? “We are all walking each other home.” The We is the He in Isaiah. We, without judgment, are rooting for each other and wishing the riddance of sword and spear to bring on a blessed New Earth creation. Yep. It’s what is possible and actually happening as we speak. More are getting it. They are figuring that there’s more to life than waking, living, and dying. The plowshare and pruning hook is revealed when personal work is done and other is considered in relation to self. Individual wars within that are extinguished via acceptance, forgiveness, and transcendence spur the eradication of war on this earth plane. War “between nations” can become the cream between two Oreo cookies or whoopie pie cakes. Sweet…

I hope I see the end of war in my lifetime. What a world it would be if sword toothpicks became plowshares and pruning hooks….

Bless us all.

With Love,