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I was asked what is the difference between spiritual distancing and judgement. This is an EXCELLENT question. I will try my best to explain it.

Spiritual distancing (or witnessing) is taking a step back from a situation and examining it with the Knowledge that we are all One and that we are respectively playing our dramas out in this Earth School. I recommend folks pull out of the movie screen, take a seat in the theatre, have some popcorn or other snack (for levity), and examine the following: What began the event, who are the players, what might be being worked through in this situation, and is there anything I need to do about it? The emotions are taken out of the drama and it becomes easier to experience and learn from the situation. Since the concept of Unity Consciousness comes into play here, the spiritually distancing person does not place judgement on those acting out their respective parts. They are just playing them out. If a person is committing an evil act, they can be considered “evil,” but that is used for descriptive means, not for name calling or hating on. We use language and symbols to describe what we experience. How we say and express them is another thing. The individual can only know where they are coming from, not another. Is it from a place of ego and superiority? Is it coming from a place of sadness and frustration? If the answer is “yes,” then it is considered judgement.

Judgement is when one separates themselves from the Oneness. It is egoic and takes on the face of better than, less than. Judgement has emotions tied in that not only affect the one or ones who are being examined, but they affect the judge and the Collective Consciousness (The Oneness). We are ALL connected. Every last bit of us.

How does one who is witnessing sound like a judge? When they use terms (adjectives and the like) to describe what they are experiencing. How does one who is judging sound like a witness? I do not believe it is possible because the words and phrases are often fraught with blame and derogatory names.

Is it bad to judge? No. It is human. Is it normal? Yes. It is human. Is it evil? No. It is human. Can one begin to rearrange their thoughts and beliefs to shift a pattern of judging to one of accepting and witnessing? Yes. If one shifts, will it raise their vibration and the vibration of the Collective? Yes!

One more piece here: One might believe they are not judging when they really are. They might not realize it. That is really a neat concept because they are caught up in the division game. They might be used to it. They might be so frustrated that they’ve been doing it for a long time. It’s exciting when one learns about Unity Consciousness and the ripple effect. It’s exciting when one moves from spouting with judgement to releasing and discussing what is happening with acceptance and Love in their hearts for all parties involved in a game.

Go inside and see how you feel about a situation that bothers you? Are you judging another? Are you frustrated they aren’t where you are? Do you feel better than the other because of x, y, or z? If you feel you judge, you may work on this for more growth. It will find you peace.

A reminder: This Earth School was hijacked to divide, conquer, and cause animosity and fear. It is being freed. If we unite as One, we strengthen and assist in our liberation.

Love wins.