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Burt Bacharach’s Promises, Promises sung by Dionne Warwick (1968) comes to mind when I reflect on what can restrict us in Earth School.  Promises, vows, pledges, oaths, and swears carry such weight!  Most are not aware that these acts not only bind us to people, places, and things, but they also affect concurrent lifetimes.  We enter a life with the Veil of Unknowing, or Forgetfulness and, hence, this fettering eludes us.  That is fine; we know what the stakes are before entering an incarnation.

At an early age, we pledge allegiance to the flag, promise to eat our veggies before getting a treat, and “cross my heart and hope to die” at a sleepover.  Promises are institutionalized, whether at home, school, or place of worship. I wish to illuminate how we can consider shifting from creating these powerful energetic ties to more fluid and balanced intentions.

Thoughts, words and deeds are energy. They can be broken down into frequencies.  (I recommend reading Power vs. Force by Dr. David R. Hawkins for a deeper understanding of this concept.) You may have been warned, “Be careful what you say,” “Never say never,” or “Watch what you say because it could come back to haunt you.”  These advisements come with truth to them.  What we put out to the Universe is heard, read, and considered.  If this is so, then a promise boosts, or adds an “oomph” to what is being thought and said.  Actions in tandem with words deepen and energetically strengthen what has been put out to the Universe. 

Vows have been made through the ages. Most common are vows of celibacy, poverty, servitude, loyalty, silence, chastity, secrecy, and marriage. They are sometimes made under duress. In these cases,  souls are not only bound to a person or concept, but also tied to a negative vibration.  When I facilitate healings for clients who state they are unable no matter how hard they try to detach from a person, concept, institution, place, I find myself in the Akashic Records for answers. (I liken the Akashic Records to a holy library of all that has been recorded throughout Creation.) The lifetime is identified where the precipitating event occurred when the soul made a very, very loud statement, or vow.  For example, if one shouts vehemently, “I will NEVER have peanut butter, chocolate cookies ever again!” the Universe records this. The energy looks and feels and sounds like a neon sign with a reverb that bounces loudly. Subsequently, all lifetimes where this soul is incarnated become affected by this exclamation. Other incarnated soul aspects might find they lose interest in cookies, chocolate, peanut butter, and/or baking. They could become allergic, sick, and/or bloated by this sweet. With the client’s permission, I clear the energy that is tied to the vow.  Their higher self, guides, angels, and other Divine Assistants participate in this process.  The soul is released from the shackles when the vow is broken.  Exciting new opportunities await the client.

One can break vows without the assistance of a healer. If one feels they are unable to release themselves from a person, concept, place, or institution, they can intend the following:  “Across time and space, forwards and backwards across all generations, I break all vows that hold me back from what is for my highest good.”  It is better to do this where there are no distractions and when one is rested and has a full belly.  The statement is to be made with clarity and strength.  Fear and doubt confound the process. I recommend sipping water afterwards until one goes sleep; negative energies flush through the physical body for clearing.

What can be done instead of making promises?  It is simple. Desires and wishes that are made with loving intentions carry high vibration and have integrity.  Unconditional connection is beautiful.  Everyone is able to go inside their heart and find a replacement phrase that feels light and free if they wish to commit to a person, concept, place, or institution.  Do we ever have to sign contracts? Yes. However, the vow is tricky in that it does not leave room for an out. Contracts have clauses for departures. Vows do not.

“Till death do us part.”  No exit sign except at the final exit.  If you regret having made promises, promises, please consider putting that to rest. At the time they were made, you felt and believed it was the right thing to do. Regret, shame, guilt, and blame serve no purpose.  Learn from the past instead.

“On my honor, I will try, to do my duty, to God and my country, to help other people, every day, especially those at home.”  (Who remembers that one?)

May your vows be identified.  May you be released from bindings that do not serve you.  May you find happiness.

With Love,