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We find ourselves in a topsy turvy reality. Most things appear inverted. It is part of the storyline. Yep. We were told in parables and texts that this day would come. How do we traverse a day that is filled with confusion and twists and turns? I believe there is not one answer to this question. It might even take a village to answer it. Earth School playtime has become more work than play. Despite this array of twisted energy, we can play and will play!

Earth School is a true playground. We love it here! Free will and creativity is offered up for us all to indulge in. We don’t remember this due to the Veil of Forgetfulness (or the Veil of Unknowing) that shrouds us at birth. “The Land of the Free” is where we arrive upon incarnation. Despite the present constraints at this auspicious time, we still have much room to grow and shift. Many controls are being placed on us and it does not feel natural. Our soul seeks expansion, yet the energies stifle. Again, how to play and create and grow when controls are put in place? I believe intention is everything.

How does one grow in a limited situation? They set their mind to it. They make lemonade out of lemons. They circumvent and go around and override and…. Do you see? If you feel that there’s no way out, that there’s no way to move forward, you have duped yourself. It is possible that you aren’t able to move forward in one direction and proceeding is impossible. That would mean that the story is done here; the Universe has offered you no resolution and way out. The creative being that you are is forced to find another solution or avenue. Is this bad? I don’t believe so. You chose to come to a playground with different options. If the swing-set is off limits, try the slide. If all playground options are off limits, sit in the sand. If one must leave the specific playground, find another. Ultimately, it is the strong, brave, and creative soul that can play in any terrain, even if it means going inside and being still for a while.

Expectations regarding play are not recommended. If we had preconceived notions, suppositions how to play and then things changed, it is strongly suggested to feel you disappointment and other related feelings, accept what occurred, bless the change of events, forgive self and other if any negative karma was incurred, and look forward to generating new creative ideas. Going with the flow and laughing are in order.

What happens when one isn’t in the mood to play and create? That is fine. One does not have to. They can rest. Ultimately, picking up the pen, the sword, the hammer is what one’s soul wishes to do. Getting back in motion is an individual process; each soul has their own journey returning to center.

Why did I bring up play? It has been lost by many. We need to be reminded that we enjoy it. We are playful, creative souls who love Earth and wish to bring in Love at this time in its history. To stop and go numb, to settle in to confusion and madness is antithetical to what most wished upon incarnating.

I suggest asking yourself whether you are playing enough and creating at this time. To make jewelry, plant a tree or garden, talk to an animal, write a letter to a friend — anything that brings you a sense of expansion – would do you some good.

I’ll see you in the sandbox!

With Love,