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 As a collective, we have experienced an extraordinary amount of stress. Many are ungrounded, floating above their bodies, and in distress. So many are despairing and angry. Still, others’ words and actions are disconnected. It feels like we are on autopilot, coping in a rote manner.

Why do I mention this today? I wish to discuss the importance of settling down. Do you have a sanctuary, or lovely personal space to cocoon and find peace? If you do, that is wonderful. If not, this can be created from within. Let’s discuss nesting and resting.

The space one utlizes or creates is extremely important to their well-being. I highlight this: A resting place is necessary for rejuvenation of the spirit. A physical “nest” can be a chair, room, backyard, car, or for that matter, anywhere that provides the ingredients for your safety, comfort, and daily unwind. You might own this space, rent, or borrow it to meet these ends. Take note of your stress level when occupying this space, and sink into it with pleasure. Even if it is for a short while, relish your surrounds. Quiet your mind. Empty it. Despite the third dimensional goings-on in your life, return to center and remind yourself that in this Earth School experience all is Divinely Ordered, you are safe, and all is well. Accept what is at this moment and offer gratitude for what you do have today. If emotions surface, identify them, feel them, and release them. They are fleeting and you have control over how long they remain with you. If you wish, envision positive images to uplift you. If this is laborious for you, remain quiet and empty. Your rest time in your nest is your creation.

What if you hanker for a physical resting nest, yet it is not presently extant? It’s then time to use your power to create one within your person. How to do this? Easy! Find a place that is the most quiet and/or private during your day or evening. Use intention (aka: your imagination tagged with power and Love) to make the area around you blessed; sacred space is replete with holy, uplifting energies. For protection, put White Light — the highest vibration=LOVE — around you. How? Imagine it! It may look like a bubble, beacon, or shaft of Light. (The Star Trek transporter room “Beam me up, Scotty” Light might suit Original Series Trekkies…) When you have taken these steps, refer to what was aforementioned. If your stay in this makeshift nest is short, do not fret. Time is illusory, therefore, your “relax” can be timestamped and drawn out with the assistance of the Divine Ones. Ask for their assistance. They love us very much and take pleasure in aiding us. “I wish my two minutes in the office’s stock room be extended to assist me in relaxing and unwinding for the replenishment I need. Thank you.” It’s that simple. When we utilize our birth rite of creating our reality via intention, we not only empower ourselves, but also strengthen our connection with our Heart Knowing and with Source.

For those who do have a physical nest for retreat, consider using intention to power up your creation skills. Find any ol’ place and use intention to create a nest within using the steps aforementioned. Playing the “Best Nest to Rest” game draws only winners. The only rule is that the creation is for your highest good and the highest good of all. Keep it simple and have fun!

I wish you peace, always.

With Love,