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My sign-off on early YouTube videos: If Spirit says make a blueberry pie, make the (adjective expletive) pie!  I have been sharing this with clients and friends for a while now. What does this mean? Simply put (and cleaned up), when you are nudged or urged on by your intuition, go for it! Your Divine Guidance is in motion and is messaging you to pay attention. There’s a bit more to this, though, than just making decisions based on a nudge. This penned piece breaks down Divine Guidance so you can discern what you are experiencing and whether to follow through with your nudge

We all experience Divine Guidance differently. Some folks feel the top of their head tingle. Others feel an opening of their heart. Still, others feel goosebumps, hair standing up on the nape of their neck, a “gut” feeling , or chills throughout their body. I happen to experience a wide berth in front of me. These are examples of clairsentience, or Divine Feeling. Claircognizant ones Divinely Know the messages coming in. The clairvoyant Divine Seers have a movie screen image of the information offered to them. The Divinely Heard information is known as clairaudience; Guidance aurally streamed captures the attention of those able to listen well. Nudges can come in as taste (clairgustance), as well as via smell (clairsalience). However one is moved to experience Divine Guidance (and it can be received in more than one manner simultaneously), it is there to be received and reflected upon if one wishes to pay attention to it.

Who might be delivering messages? Well, each person has a higher self — the part of them that knows better. (smile) I consider the higher self to be the extension of the soul that has a bird’s eye view with perspective and wisdom. We all have spirit guidance. Before incarnating, we choose spirit guides to assist us in the ethers. Our higher self gets chatted up from birth till our death. Usually, the spirit guide is a soul who has known us in another inarnation. They have wisdom we admire. The agreement is made to guide us because we trust they will offer us what we need for soul growth purposes. It is possible to have spirit guides change out during our lifetime. Spirit guides may include: Archangels, angels, departed ones and pets, Ascended Masters, elementals, Star Beings, consiciousnesses, collectives, and Councils.

If one wishes to connect with their Guidance, it is important to put out the intention they are calling in only the highest of Christ Light consciousness. What is this? It is not about Jesus and religion, if you wonder. It is the signature frequency matched with those that have met enlightenment. If one wishes to receive “Christed” energy, they will surely receive superb direction.

Making the pie is done when you conclude that the time is right, the ducks are in a row, and the cost risk benefit analysis is a thumb’s up. The time between the nudge and the follow through could be instantaneous. It could also take years. Sometimes a word is spoken or an action is taken immediately after concluding the Guidance is good and the time is right. Other circumstances involve a longer process of steps to be taken after one concludes their Guidance is solid. Go with your heart knowing — the feeling you receive. If it is positive, it’s a “go.”

Might one reject an urge or strong message that is delivered? Surely so! One is to use their discernment about any and all Guidance that comes in. What if one isn’t ready to act on what they receive? Shelve it and save it for future consideration. It’s possible that a soul is being tested and the nudge is for one to hone their discernment skills. (Spirit doesn’t F with us; our beloved guides teach us in a myriad of ways, including paradox.) In some circumstances, an urging is to be investigated further because the receiver needs more information before taking action. There are no rights or wrongs, therefore, any strongly felt notion is simply there to be considered as an option for learning’s sake.

I have felt that the strong nudge, or urge one receives deserves attention. Take notice of when and where you receive them, too. There might be something to that that adds to the storyline. If you always receive the nudge at your father’s house or the produce aisle, see whether there’s a connection between what you feel/know/hear/see/taste/smell and where you are at the time. Spirit works in mysteriously cheeky ways and the connecting of the dots can involve your location at the time of the “drop.”

How do you know whether your having taken action was “correct?” I will say that the outcome is positive and you are left with a feeling of satisfaction. Often, one experiences an “aha” afterwards. Follow the dots from the nudge to the end result and you will smile. Those who do not make the pie realize after the fact and say to themselves, “Oh! I felt or thought I should have done that! Now I see why!” No need to regret or blame yourself for not having listened. This does not serve you. If anything, the connection you made strengthens your heeding future Guidance.

In closing, there are no “shoulds.” All is Divinely Ordered. To bake or not to bake, that is the question. You have free will and you decide your next moment in the Now.

May your crust be perfect, your filling be scrumptious, and your serving dish feed as many as you wish.

With Love,