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Welcome to my website.  I hope you enjoy the pieces I fashion here.  Writing did not come easily until my junior year at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst  when a wonderful professor unlocked doors for me.  The late Dr. Dianne Kaplan Devries is to be credited here. Thank you so much for your excellent ways of explaining writing; no others could until you.

I am now online sharing my thoughts so that readers may consider new ideas, find validation, support and clarification.  If you would like to respond to what I have written, please contact me through the site.

Some of you may already know me.  For others, I am a new face with a new story.  Friends and acquaintances might describe me as unconventional and “not your everyday healer.”  This is true!  I always marched to the beat of the other drummer, yet there were many aspects of my personality that blended with the mainstream.  As I became more chemically sensitive in my 20’s and 30’s, I was slowly nudged outside of the box without much say in the matter.  Once I found myself homebound  for six months – sensitive to most things – I realized that the only choice I had was “different” versus “the same old ways.”

The healing and channeling gifts came in over the course of a few years.  I was “fast tracked.”  My head spun and my hands tingled.  It truly was a trip and a half!  Spiritual folks came out of the woodwork and my circle of friends shifted.  My Weltanschauung was trashed and a new one was born.  Was this easy?  Not at all.  In fact, I was met with guilt, sadness, fear, and confusion.  Many souls who experience dark nights of the soul before they are gifted with abilities go through a maze of emotions and experiences like a mouse without cheese.  Although I would not give up what I experienced for the world, I must say that the shift of consciousness was heavy on my spirit for a while.

As I learned how to hone my skills, I also realized this jarring change of life required self-healing.  Forgiveness work was done, acceptance and gratitude was acknowledged, and remaining as much in the Now as possible permitted me to see with clearer eyes.  I called upon friends to look into what had occurred so dramatically in this lifetime.  The information was priceless.  I realized that I threw many lifetimes of karma into this life in order to balance and clear them across time and space.  Voilà! I felt better and happier than ever!

There is so much more to learn and so much more growing to do.  I ask the Universe to bring me teachers.  I ask the Universe to bring me like-minded friends.  The journey is deeper and richer now than ever before.  I look upon it with wonderment…

Have you experienced a shift of consciousness that makes you step back in awe and ask yourself how you got here and where you might be going?  If so, you are in this with the lot of us.  SO many reading this now are finding themselves questioning, paring, and releasing.  Bless yourself for the trials and tribulations you have and continue to encounter.  You are a brave soul here in Earth School.

It is an honor to touch your soul.