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Today, we find ourselves avoiding discussing politics with certain friends and family members.  There is division and contention. Hairs raise on arms or the scruff of one’s neck.  I believe this “drama” is part of the Awakening.  Despite it being a challenging and awkward time for many of us, it truly is a blessed opportunity for soul growth. You might find this position difficult to embrace.  Here, I will share some ideas I have about this delicious, scrumptious moment in Earth’s history and how we can devour it if we so choose.

Did you know that we are in an Earth School? I reference this in many Blog posts.  Earth is an extremely challenging planet to incarnate because elsewhere we do not carry a physical vessel, or body.  Our spirit is ensconced in a third dimensional shell, which is quite restrictive. The Veil of Unknowing (also termed the Veil of Forgetfulness) is curtained over us and we forget that we are not separate from Source.  Our pre-birth plans are disremembered, as well as our soul contracts, Divine Purpose, and exit opportunities.  Did you know that we love it here?!  This kick-ass planet is not for the faint of heart.  Add linear time to the fray and we hold there is a past, present, and future.  Outside this learning ground, we embrace that everything exists in the Now moment. 

Division begins at the veiling of our spirit. For some, it is in utero. For others, it is at birth.  This is our first existential crisis when we believe we are separate from other and from Source.  I believe there are forces that are being reckoned with that have created division between souls in Earth School.  These divisions are on both macro and micro levels.  I do not need to go into this here. What I do wish to convey is that we are at a precipice and need to look over the edge at what lies below and what lies above.  It is paramount to our ascension, our release of what does not serve us, and our return to Unity Consciousness as a collective.

Let’s get back to where we are today in relation to how, for many of us, we have forgotten that this boot camp is for learning and not war and strife.  Have you noticed much division? There seems to be separation by age cohort (generation gap), race, gender, religion, socioeconomic group, political viewpoint; I am sure one can identify numerous ways we appear divided.  How we arrived where we are today is a very long story for another blogger to pen.  

We can do something about where we find ourselves in relation to other today! How about finding common ground?  Have you thought about what connects you to others?  Might it be possible to traverse a great divide and come face to face with your opposite? your hater? your oppressor?  Yes!  This doesn’t take therapy to transcend what really is illusory in nature.  Every division can be seen as the Universe offering you choice – delectable options to mull over for examination. If you find you are pulled into a story and become extremely negative and emotional, how about stopping and timing yourself out.  Can you imagine that the drama in which you are presently involved is an opportunity for you to spiritually distance from it? You can simply review it with grace and ease.  The dark and light of things, the up and down, right and left, this or that – they all sit before you not to hate and judge other, but to embrace difference.

Do you know that Krispy Kreme donuts offer many varieties from which to choose?  Is one better than another?  Do we judge someone because they like original glazed, but you like kreme filled? Once we see that everyone is a Godspark that is here to experience physicality and learn hard lessons without the blueprint, we can smile and laugh more versus scoff at, judge, deny, and separate.

This is a collective of souls. WE ARE ONE. That is the bottom line. Democrat. Republican. They are names. They are labels. Once we name call, judge, hate, and dismiss, we separate ourselves from the collective. We also incur karma. Yes.  What you put out will return to you.  I strongly advise finding common ground.  What do you have in common with the ones who appear different from you?  Can you list ten or even twenty traits or characteristics of one that sits away from you?  If you are able, you have transcended the game and ascended to the next level. (wink)  If you find this difficult or impossible, you have forgotten (with the sure help of the Veil) that we are in it to win it.  The “win” is returning to Knowing that we are One, actually not separate.

Here’s more to wrap your head around:  In other lifetimes where we are simultaneously incarnated, we are playing the opposite of what we are playing in this incarnation.  I grew tons when I first learned that in a recent incarnation I was an African-American boy.  I loved this information and my spirit leaped with Joy! I was free!  If you can imagine that you are everything everywhere, you might just put down your political sword and render it into a plowshare that reads Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men.  (The refrain “peace on Earth, goodwill to men” is a reference to the King James Version interpretation of Luke 2:14.)

Identifying similarities is a way to reconcile with yourself, for you might have been fighting your own demons.  If one hates others, chances are they are hating on themselves. If one judges others, chances are they self-judge, and so on…  Therefore, be a critical observer of who you are in relation to other and how you comport yourself.  If you chant scripts and expect others to conform to your truths, you are mistaken. This Earth School invites difference.  Just like Krispy Kreme, Baskin Robbins ice cream has many flavors so that a Child of God can remember that one flavor is not superior to all others. Each option of yummy goodness is equally unique and special.  (One can learn a lot from rocky road….) (wink)

When you find yourself palatable and see another’s grace in the way they walk through their life, you will rest.  I trust that you will.

I stand before you this day as a witness of Love and pray that your destination in this Now moment is filled with simplicity, devotion to your truth, and your wishing to be the most extraordinary version of your Self. 

During this challenging time, may we find common ground, stand together, eat donuts and ice cream to abandon…and maybe try a new flavor.

Blessings and Love to you in 2020 and always,