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“This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.” (sung, with harmony)  Lately, for many of us, the melody has sounded weak.  It surely has been a turbulent time.  I write this piece because so many clients and friends have been experiencing loss in relation to friendships.  Is this a surprise during this auspicious time?  I would very strongly say, “No.”  Years ago, I read that as one’s vibration would increase due to spiritual “wokeness,” they would find themselves amidst others who didn’t resonate at the same frequency.  One day, one might realize those they confided in, the ones they played with and shared ideas with didn’t match with their visions and beliefs.  It is about energy and likes finding likes.  Imagine many, many people around you going through this with you.  You are not alone.  Let’s delve deeper into what is going on with those who are awakening.

We are ending a 26,000+ year cycle in Earth’s history. It is an epoch of grand proportion.  Like the Great Flood, the Ice Age, Atlantis, Lemuria, to name a few, we are here again.  We are at a shifting point in time and space on Earth.  It is time for truths to be revealed for Humanity in order for Love to enter and shift how we have been operating for a very long time.  High frequencies are streaming in from the Universe and we folk on Earth are receiving information in the form of codes.  Yes.  It’s a “beam me down some of that, Scotty” experience.  We receive information, we get upgrades, our DNA is activated, and our bodies are shifting from carbon to crystalline.  This information has been channeled for decades. It can be found on many sites on the internet, as well as on YouTube videos and in books.  Many souls are waking up like popcorn.  The Veil of Unknowing (or Forgetfulness) is thinning (or being lifted) and people are asking questions about their existence here and elsewhere.  As people become more spiritual, they often experience a sense of beatitude. The energetic vibration they were resonating at increases.  The higher one vibrates, the closer they move towards the vibration of Joy.  Love is the epitome of all frequencies.

Getting back to friendships… If one were consorting with people at one time and then they woke up to a feeling of spiritual Knowing and peace, they might find that some compatriots were not vibing with them anymore. Is this a “bad” thing? No. It simply is what it is.  Change is a part of our ever expanding experience.  The waking up experience has been very significant for many during the past several years.  Finding oneself alone in a group of many is now common.  “I had these friends and now I cannot relate to them.”  “I don’t want to be around my family anymore.” “How do I tell my husband I cannot relate to his ways anymore?”  These “aha’s” are extremely common.  Again, this was “prophesized” through channeled messages.  I remember reading, in other words, “Work through your issues.  Remain balanced.  You will find that you no longer resonate with those who do not match your new vibration as you feel better and focus on Love of self and other.”  This has come to be true in my life and recently I have lost quite a number of friends, almost all of my own choosing. I do not place a judgement on this for it feels extremely natural to me — as if it is a law of nature.

What have you experienced?  Have you found that as you become more spiritually awake you find yourself alone, as well?  Many ask me whether they will always be alone. I answer that they can ask the Universe to bring them more like-minded souls for their highest good.  (The Universe already knows what you want and need, but to put in a bid can assist the energy.) 

I suggest taking time to reflect on those who are no longer in your circle.  Bless your time with them.  Ask yourself what you learned from knowing each person.  Accept what has occurred.  Please know that this process of Ascension is natural. Your soul wishes to return to feeling Joy.  Removing yourself from those who bring you down is healthy. The Universe rewards you; if you do not see it now, you will later.  It is so.

We are finding one another like magnets.  We are attracting those who match our respective vibrations. It is exciting to watch! 

Friendships come and go – some remain forever. What is important is that we are true to ourselves in terms of who we play with in Earth School.  Our soul requires respect, loyalty, and Love.  Are you receiving that from your friends?

Bless you during this mighty powerful time.

With Love,