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Everyone encounters moments in which they are faced with making a decision that will change the course of events in their life.  It is unavoidable and expected.  The natural ebb and flow of a lifetime includes many crossroads where decisions must be made that alter a timeline, or path on which a soul will travel.  They then veer from the one they have trodden on.  How does one know they are at a fork in the road?  There are several indicators that alert a soul they are at a juncture:

  • Let’s Make a Deal:  When Door #1, Door #2, and possibly Door #3, and so on appear.  Choices, choices, choices!  One is drawn to new alternate avenues when they were previously experiencing one storyline.  It does not feel  pressure-filled; the world appears to open up.  The idea of change is alluring and promising.


  • Back Against the Wall:  One’s storyline is no longer working for the soul and they are faced with changing their reality.  The prospect of continuing along the same path provides no more added value and a new direction is a must.


  • Surrealistic Pillow:  You realize, as if in a dream state, that you no longer are connected with your current reality.  Your heart is not invested in your words and actions.  Change at a soul level appears imminent and necessary in order to link up with the Divine, your fellow souls, and your life purpose.


  • Dazed and Confused:  One finds themselves already in a new reality because circumstances threw them in another direction.  Although a decision was already made for them by another and a new path is underfoot, one must accept and adjust to this realization they are no longer in Kansas anymore.  Connection with the new timeline is essential, as many hold onto old stories that hinder their forward movement.


  • Over the Barrel: You are forced to make a change because someone or something has delivered you an ultimatum where you must move along or face the consequences.  There is no option but to jump timelines here.  A decision to switch gears has already been made for you, but it might be unclear where to go next.


  • Spirit Moved Me:  Messages to change up your current experience may come in the form of intuition, channeling, dowsing, cards, or other forms of divination.  Messengers might share their guidance that a shift is necessary and decisions are to be made for soul growth and development.  Heeding messages from Spirit often gives a soul a sense of peace and beatitude.


Why did I spell out some of the ways one might find themselves at choice points?  I believe many are asleep during these auspicious times of potential life change.  Awakening from the dream is paramount to fulfilling soul contracts and feeling a sense of accomplishment, remaining on track with what is for one’s Highest Good, and finding Joy.

Fear and doubt are to be faced and eliminated in order to move from Point A to Point B.  How one does this varies.  What is important is that all stops are removed so transition to a new path, or timeline is met with grace and ease.

Self-blame and judgement do not serve at these choice points.  They hinder forward movement.  Since we know that nothing is constant except change, we may allow it in and embrace our new station.

Changing a timeline is to be met with wonder.  Some believe that it will ruin what they have already been building or creating.  Others may conclude that another destroyed their dream.  Since everything happens for a reason and all is Divinely Ordered, when we come to the crossroad, instead, we can laugh and remind ourselves that God also laughs when we make plans.

If you change timelines and find yourself on a new path that is not to your liking or did not turn out as planned, it is advised to smile and ask yourself what you can learn from this.  Anger and disappointment might surface.  Feel your feelings and release them. Again, self-blame does not serve.  You are now here to review and learn more.  All is well.

As you journey in this incarnation, know that going with the flow not only is healthy and healing, but it also inspires and heals the aspects of your soul that are incarnated elsewhere.  It is a win win!

Go with the flow.  Expect choice points.  You are not alone in facing change.  It is an inherent part of Earth School and Creation, for that matter.

We actually enjoy change.

Pass it on…With Love,